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Answering the topic:

For doubles, I would choose Vaporeon and Leafeon
For triples, it would be Jolteon,Espeon,Flareon

I am repeating the announcement from the last page so anyone wants to join.

I am organizing a big Quiz competition about Eeveelutions and some other general questions.PM me to join. Here are the rules:

1.The Quiz will contain 50 questions.
2.The Quiz will contain 3 sections:
A.General Knowledge of Pokemon
B.Questions about Eeveelutions
C.Battling Skills
3.I will PM the questions to the participants. They must PM me the answers.
4. Registration are open till 20th of November. The answers must be sent till 25th of November.
5. Please don't cheat and ruin up the event.
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