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Hmm why not I will try this

Name: TrollShammy80
Old Code: 038---230---190---221---181---045
New Code: 018---234---192---229---184---145
Team: Pidgeot/Stantler/Sunflora/Houndoom/Politoed/Zapdos
Game: Complex Crystal


Got a bit started
1-Picked up Chikorita temporary helper
2-Did the usual starting story stuff
3-Defeated Rival Silver...omg he had Charmander lol
4-went back to New Bark Town
5-Went back to Cherrygrove, got Map Card for Poke'gear
6-Captured a female Poliwag now waiting for morning to get Pidgey
7-Took out the trainers on Route 30 and 31
8-Reached Violet City and am resting in Pokemon Center


Level 7

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