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Golden Catacombs

As everyone split up to find clues, Zane began digging through any documents he could. Most were records of important events that had happened, most of which he was aware of on some level, although the amount of detail explained in certain aspects was a bit extraordinary to Zane. If they ever got through all of this, he would love to look through most of these to see what has happened that he didn’t know about in the history of the Gold Tribe. But for now, he had to find the missing links. Guardia was close to Zane looking through adjacent documents. He noticed TrueStriker on approach, a book in hand ready to share, but Defender reached Zane first, and showed him a note left by Auron. The note spoke of the mission he was about to partake in the unknown lands. Its secretive nature got Defender visibly upset, even causing him to explode in anger and throw his emblem.

“Defender! Calm down, brother.” Zane said, trying to soothe the Golduck. He looked at Guardia, expecting her to snap at him for talking about her father like that, but she did not move her head from a certain book she had in her hand. She was reading it intently, her hands shaking.

“Guardia?” Zane called to her, but getting no response back. “…Lyn?” Zane called again, this time Guardia slowly moving away from her corner and approaching the others. Her eyes were still glued to the book, but after a moment longer, she handed it over to Zane, who took in confusedly. Her eyes never left the book, even when she passed it over to Zane. Zane opened it to the first page, seeing that it was a set of different documents and notes attached together in a binder. There was a small note in front of the binder.

September 2nd, Year 2445- READ THIS!

Time is not with me, but knowledge unfortunately is.
There is no stopping the Ancients’ return. However, there is still hope to stop the destruction of Valkaria. I’ve compiled all the documents I could. Read it, and prepare yourselves…for things are not as we thought they were.
-Adam “Rey” Reed

Zane noted the date on the note from Rey. It was more recent, a little under two years ago. In fact, this was dated the same date as the invasion of the Ancients. The note was scribbled and messy, it being clear that the note was written with some desperation or rush. Zane flipped the page, and on it, older documents were attached.

Year 0 TFV (The Founding of Valkaria)

…And so it came to pass, that the Dark One, in all of his calamity and doom, was defeated. Placed was he into our confinement, a small crystal that we collaborated to construct. It took the end of times for all of us to realize our mistakes and come together. Before the Dark One came, we were seventeen small tribes of Pokemon warring with ourselves, each trying to get the advantage against the other. It took his arriving and the impending end of all of us to finally put aside our differences and come together, to fight as one single force, one nation. The cost of victory was the lives of many, but it was done. Seal he is forever more, along with his army of Ancients, never to set foot in our world ever again.

At least, that is our intention. The Dark One feeds off the malice, chaos, and evil of our world. From these things, there is a possibility that he can return. As we see it, the only way to ensure that he never comes back is to ensure that these things never trifle us again. Therefore, the leaders of all of the tribes have agreed to end our fights with each other. We will become one nation, and all of us will be equal citizens in that nation. It shall hence be known as Valkaria, and we will forever govern it under the slogans of freedom, love, and peace. Our tribes will dissolve into a single government, known as the Alpha Alliance.

Yet the idea of eternal peace seems so impossible. There will always be those that try to oppose our way, and maybe those that try to bring back the ideas of war, chaos, and malice. Therefore, we have decided to create a body of Pokemon to prevent this from happening. This group will be the core of defense of the Alpha Alliance. They will forever protect our way of life, being elite Pokemon peacekeepers, fighting those who threaten the freedom and peace of Valkaria. However, beyond their national security duties, this group would subliminally ensure that the Dark One would never return by their actions every day. Each former leader of the separate seventeen tribes will come together to form the original members of this faction. And so they will forever be known as the Gold Tribe.

Zane read over the parchment, confused. He knew part of this story well. It was the tale of the founding of the Alpha Alliance, Valkaria, and the Gold Tribe but it didn’t seem right. There was a constant reference to something they were calling the “Dark One”, which is something Zane wasn’t familiar with. The traditional story of the founding of Valkaria was the same as written, 17 separate tribes, feuding with each other. But the story he was told was that the reason that the tribes united was a terrible natural disaster that swept the land and affected all sides. Never was there a reference to this…dark being they referred to. It didn’t make sense to Zane, but more documents were attached, and so he flipped the page and read on.

January 14th, Year 34 AFV (After the Founding of Valkaria)

Today, the Alpha Alliance almost witnessed the collapse of its entire government. The idea of a united government like this is still very fresh to many who have been apart of the seventeen tribes for hundreds of years. Pokemon with extreme ideals decided to test the extent of the union, and we almost paid the price. Our containment of the situation was the result of the Gold Tribe, but we later found out that the extremists were under the influence of the Dark One. The crystal of the Dark One, which has been under exhibit in the Alpha Alliance Museum in Gold City, had drawn Pokemon to it, and they had slowly become indoctrinated under his power, perhaps without even realizing it. The Dark One’s power is strong, stronger than we originally envisioned. It seems even in confinement, contact with the crystal can prove to be disastrous.

Because of this new development, new measures have been decided. One, the Silver Crystal would be moved from the museum and hidden from the public into Dusk City, and all information regarding it and the Dark One will be hereby erased from all history books and archives, save this one. We realize doing this would create a stir, but eventually things would die down, and soon enough, tales of the Dark One will pass from history, to legend, to myth. It is better this way. We would be erasing the greatest evil from history, thereby eliminating the risk of anyone ever seeking out this crystal to begin with.

Yet he known as the Keeper, the Alakazam of the Gold Tribe, warned us of the potential problems of erasing the crystal and the Dark One from history, especially if the crystal was ever discovered and manipulated another. Therefore, with his help, another crystal was created. Bright in color, this harbored the power of all of the original Gold Tribe members, and many more, as a counter for the other crystal. Should the other crystal be activated, this one should be able to stop its effects. This crystal also served as a guide to those who would seek to use it, as we have all added our memories into it, memories of the Dark One and the Silver Crystal. The Keeper has requested to take this note to the Golden Library in the Korhal Mountains, where it will be kept forever, under his protection, with few, if any, ever to be aware of its message.

Zane read with wide eyes and a heavy heart. Things were starting to become clearer and clearer. The source of all of these happenings was being illuminated before his very eyes. This most certainly must have been what Rey feared was going on in the unknown lands. There was some connection. His dreams, or visions he had were beginning to become clearer and clearer. But some questions still flooded his mind. He read on, his hands shaking as he did.

February 24th, Year 2350 AFV (After the Founding of Valkaria)

This is a recollection of the events that transpired in the region of Argos. I and the other Gold Tribe members that ventured there have agreed never to speak of this to the Pokemon of Valkaria back home. However, I felt the need to write down what occurred, in case the worst would happen, and the Ancients would return.

Upon the invitation of a mysterious group, I ventured with a handful of the Gold Tribe to participate in a combating tournament called “The Dark Tournament”, in the region known as Argos. The tournament was said to pit the greatest fighters from all across the world. There were Pokemon representing kingdoms and countries I have never heard of. I would not have participated had we not heard information that remnants of the Order of Neoverse too were going to participate. We all participated for the grand prize: The Ultimate Power. No one knew what it was, and no one knew what it did. It hung from a small crystal above the arena, and the great power was said to be inside. It was shrouded in mystery, but everyone had high hopes for what it could be. Some thought it could save their lands. Others thought it was a source of unlimited power, granting the wielder unnatural abilities, things thought to be impossible. It was that promise that must have lured so many to the arena. My brothers and sisters knew that such power couldn’t be in the hands of anyone that would misuse it, especially Pokemon like those of the Order of Neoverse. We had to fight, and we had to win.

And fight we did. Rounds passed, and every fight we had against others seemed to have an affect on the crystal. Each warrior that won made the crystal grow brighter. The hosts said that all energy exerted in the fights actually grew the strength of the Ultimate Power. I began to wonder how a device that was said to feed off the pain and power of others could truly be a benevolent force. No, it was painfully obvious that the power was evil in nature, and if we allowed the Order of Neoverse to claim it, we would be lost.

But we, or rather I, didn’t account for something: the fact that the Order of Neoverse never intended to win. The Dark Tournament was a deception the entire time. The hosts of the tournament were part of the Order of Neoverse itself. The intent was simply to gain power into the crystal, and the tournament was the means to acquire that power. In the final battle, my fellow brother Toro “Bellator” Blaze faced off against Hydra, a survivor of the Order of Neoverse. In a grueling fight, Bellator came on top, and won the tournament. But when the tournament had been completed, the crystal, which we began to call the Silver Crystal, activated. The Silver Crystal latched onto Bellator, and he began to quickly lose himself and become a mindless embodiment. He screamed in agony and pain, and I could only stand and watch as my brother lost himself in this power. As we found out later, the Silver Crystal contains the sealed soul of a nameless Ancient being long forgotten in time, but what we had come to understand as the source of all this misery. Though his soul was sealed away in the Silver Crystal, his power is emanated through it, all who touch it often losing themselves to its power. The Silver Crystal is said to have severe influence over a large area, able bend anyone to its will. Its influence is so strong, and is said to be able to control people from hundreds of miles away, too. It latches onto someone, and bends that person to its will. Sometimes, a person will not even know they are being controlled until it is too late. It also made those within the proximity of the Silver Crystal to warp their personality and seemingly become slaves to the will of the Silver Crystal. It could also change Pokemon, distort their appearance and give them insurmountable power that may seem to come out of nowhere. The Silver Crystal’s control is powerful. Had we not discovered a way to counter it, we too would have succumbed to this manipulation. Beckoned by the call of the Silver Crystal, a portal of darkness was summoned forth by the possessed Bellator. An army of Pokemon long believed to be extinct began appearing out of this portal which seemed to lead into another realm. These Ancients began to attack anything and everything. We gathered with the local forces here in this region, and fought them back. However, unlike their numbers, which seemed limitless, our numbers slowly began to fade. The result was a conflict that lasted an entire year.

We discovered the secret behind the Silver Crystal that unlocked the Ancients. A Pokemon came before us, an Alakazam, who shared the secret. Apparently, this crystal was brought here from our land, Valkaria, by the Order of Neoverse, taking it from Emperor Galleon’s body two years prior. But the Alakazam, known as the Guardian, spoke of another crystal, one we now call the Gold Crystal. The Gold Crystal was the Silver’s opposite. It had many abilities. It was able to repel any mind control effect it had on others. It had inside of it the memories of the Ancient Gold Tribe who originally fought the being. It had amazing capability to absorb large amounts of energy inside of it, but also to release energy into other objects as well, which develops into its main function. In it's power was the capability to seal the Ancient army, and lock the soul of the ‘Dark One’ back in the Silver Crystal. We had to overpower the wielder, which meant that I had to kill my brother Bellator. But first, we secured the Gold Crystal from Hydra of the Order of Neoverse After securing the Gold Crystal, we fought Bellator. By defeating the “wielder” of the Silver Crystal, the Gold Crystal would activate, and close the portal of the Ancient’s origin as well as decimate the armies already present. At the cost of many lives, it was done. The possessed Bellator obtained power I couldn’t even fathom, but together, we were able to bring him down. Bellator was defeated and the terror within was then sealed in the Silver Crystal once more. The Silver Crystal was wrapped in a cloth to avoid being touched and activated again.

The Pokemon of the land of Argos thanked us for this tremendous task, but they had another colossal favor to ask of us. They wanted us to take back the crystals to our homeland. Seeing that this power had originally come from here, I could not deny their request. The being inside the Silver Crystal was not killed, after all, only sealed away again.

We made the long venture home over the vast sea, before arriving back in our home of Valkaria. I immediately instructed my second-in-command, Vesica Argentum, to take the wrapped Silver Crystal out of Valkaria, and hide it in the unknown lands to the north of us. I made it clear that he should tell no one of its hiding place, no citizen of the Alpha Alliance, no Gold Tribe member. He and I will be the only two living now to know of it. As for the Gold Crystal, I had it hidden myself. I have vowed to never tell another soul of its location, except my successor as leader. They are to vow to only tell their successor, and so the cycle will go on. The knowledge of the Gold Crystal and Silver Crystal will pass from Gold Tribe leader to Gold Tribe leader, just in case the worst will come to pass. However, I secretly wish the two Crystals will become nothing more than a personal story, and the events of Argos, to those who remember it, nothing more than a bad dream…

-Kent “Kaiser” Reed, Leader of the Gold Tribe.

There it was. The connecting answers. It was strange that events 100 years ago would illuminate so much. Everything seemed to make sense. It was an unfortunate twist of fate, the fact that the original founders of Valkaria chose to protect this secret from many, and as a result it came to haunt them years later. Of course, no one could have predicted this. That which happened to the Gold Tribe one hundred years ago in Argos, during the Dark Tournament, must be the exact same situation that happened now. Now, Auron was the possessor of the Silver Crystal. He went to the unknown lands, and sought the Silver Crystal to ensure its security. Auron must have touched it accidentally and the result was this. He now had this…dark being inside him, and the other ‘Sentinels’ were simply the byproduct, the unfortunate ones who were nearby, who suffered the fate of indoctrination of the Silver Crystal. They came back with his power, and the Ancients, serving the Auron/the Dark God, are waging war and creating chaos so that the Dark One could return to this world. It was almost too mystical of an idea to believe, but what other possibility could there be? Rey once told him that when all rational possibilities were eliminated, that which remains, however irrational it may sound, must be true. It also seemed that with the Order of Neoverse, they played a much more bigger role with this dark being. Further proof existed ahead.

“I hear his voice inside my mind. He commands me, and as his humble servant, I obey without question. He irks me to do his bidding, purge the land of those who oppose him, and thus soon shall we be united in this world.”

-Emperor Galleon Gamble

A note by Galleon, looking like it had been teared from some sort of journal, perhaps one that Galleon himself had on his person. It was a final justification for Zane to make final sense of his visions, his dreams. Galleon was under the control of the Silver Crystal, slowly beckoned by it to do his will. It must have been why the Order of Neoverse invaded in the first place. On the outside, it seemed like a simple grab for power, like Auron’s invasion, but in reality, it seemed to be a way to try to revive the being in the crystal. Zane sighed deeply, and flipped to the last page, which apparently had a last note from Rey, judging by the handwriting.

August 16th, 2445 AFV (After the Founding of Valkaria)

I sent Auron to secure the Silver Crystal. I heard disturbing reports from the unknown lands, particularly those to the north of us. These reports indicated a possible reemergence of an old enemy, the Order of Neoverse. Even beyond Emperor Galleon Gamble’s death, how is it possible that they thrive? Did he have heirs, or followers? Did their cause spread through generations? Or did the influence of the dark god simply make them slaves, as they did to Galleon? I curse being bound by secrecy, as I fear that Auron may encounter these followers. Or perhaps these rumors have no merit. Maybe I overreact and the crystal is secure as it always has been. I pray for his safe return.

…But if not, what then?

-Adam “Rey” Reed.

As Zane passed the documents from Gold Tribe member to Gold Tribe member, each ones expressions to these revelations could be seen and felt. Even the quirky Hoodhide seemed speechless at the moment. It was so much information to take in at once, that Zane really didn’t know where to begin. He was speechless. He couldn’t bring himself to get out any words. Things have gotten a lot bigger than he thought.

“So was that it?” Zane asked out loud. “Had Auron really touched the crystal by accident, or was it that survivor of the Order of Neoverse?” He wasn’t really asking as much. He wasn’t sure any of them had the answer. Was this entire ordeal pure accident, or was it orchestrated by a successor of Galleon Gamble? Zane looked at them, wondering if any had an answer. When his eyes met with Guardia’s, something was wrong. It was as if a light bulb went off in her brain, as she walked around quickly, looking over the other Gold Tribe members.

“No…it…it can’t be…I mean…no, it can’t be…can it?” She said, wandering around all of them one more time, as if looking for one among them. Zane eyed her suspiciously.

“What’s the matter?” He asked her. She stopped, facing Zane, he could see tears forcefully being held back in her eyes, her face more worried than he had ever seen her.

“He’s…he’s not here. He must have left sometime before. I don’t remember when. Could it be…I mean…” She said to him.


The words seemed hard for her to utter out of her mouth, as if they were stuck in her throat.

“Noctus...Noctus Gamble.”

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