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    "YEAHHH..", Jupe almost shouted seeing the pokeball click. He finally caught his first pokemon. Aquaseas was still angry at the Poochyena, seeing the pokemon go inside the pokeball, he knocked it several times so that the Poochyena gets out for battle. "Here's your prize Aquaseas..", Jupe handed him his second last berry, ".. You may play in that pond while I have some work." Aquaseas nodded and went off for the water, its favourite place.

    Jupe now let Poochyena out of his pokeball. As soon as the bite pokemon materialised, it immediately puked out a load of sludge. "Holy Mother! What do I do now?", Jupe thought frantically, until an idea struck his mind. He took out some salt and a bottle of water, mixed it throughly to make a quite concentrated salt solution. Then, almost forcefully, made Poochyena drink it. Immediately under the effect of salt solution, it continued puking out barrage of the sludge and undigested food (eeewwww!). Finally it stopped vomiting and laid defeated on the ground.

    "At least I could get out the sludge from your stomach. Now part two.", Jupiter gave Poochyena some fresh water which the pokemon drank with utmost difficulty. He then took out a berry juicer. It was given by his mom who said that berry juice is a more effective healing item. Jupe crushed a Pecha Berry and mixed the juice with his only potion. He then offered the modified potion to the pokemon. Jupe nodded and in a almost whispering tone, "Please.. Drink it Poochyena.. ". It looked into Jupiter's eyes and saw the concern, the friendliness.. and drank it. . . . .

    A painfull moment of suspense followed. Finally the Poochyena opened his eyes. The potion and pecha berry had worked! "Yes! I did it! Hey Aquaseas come here.." The Mudkip swiftly came to them. It was again going to be agitated on seeing the Poochyena, but nothing of that sort happened. Instead he licked Poochyena's face. Jupiter's smile got bigger, "You are very nice Aquaseas..", he looks at Poochyena, ".. Now what shall I name you?" The pokemon raised its ears, a sign of interest. "How about Scorcher, since you burnt Aquaseas berry?" Scorcher seemed a bit embarassed, and nodded. Aquaseas lightly tackled the Poochyena and the two pokemon were soon rolling on the ground, playing. Jupiter couldn't help but smile how the two enemies some time ago became so good friends.

    They started walking towards Oldale Town. Scorcher and Aquaseas were running around him, trying to bite each other, a game they just had invented. Jupe found a berry tree, and started filling his berry pouch while Aquaseas watched him and Scorcher had found a berry lying on the ground. Suddenly Scorcher yelped! Looking at his direction, Jupe saw that the berry Scorcher found was a SEEDOT!!! Scorcher was quite frightened, and it had activated his ability 'Rattled'. Motioning Aquaseas to wait, Jupe said, "Here is your chance Scorcher, use incinerate." A burst of flame was shot out by the Poochyena but the Seedot dodged it.

    "Dang it! Use Incinerate again." But again the Seedot dodged it.

    "Hmm.. Okay. Use Howl then go as near to Seedot as possible." Scorcher was quite angry seeing his attacks being dodged, he used howl and ran towards Seedot with his boosted attack and speed.

    "Very good! Now use Bite and throw him in the air." Scorcher's teeth dug into the Seedot, he quickly shook the enemy in his mouth a few times and threw him up horizontally.

    "Yeah! Now use incinerate repeatedly!" Continued bursts of flame striked the Seedot and almost roasted it before it dropped on the ground with a thump.

    "GO POKEBALL!" Jupe cried as the Seedot disappeared with a bright red flash.
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