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This may seem odd but does anyone else love this Blaziken set up.

-Flare Blitz
-Swords Dance
-Baton Pass
252 ev's in Def and Spd, 4 in Att
Holding a Baloon

It may seem odd but listen how it works.
Start with the Protect to get the speed boost and to scout. Then, if they have a move that you think can KO you then Pass out, if not Swords Dance. Many love to try to Earthquake but it wont work because of Baloon. This usually gives you a free turn. When you get around +4 speed and like +4 Attack Pass to a sweeper. If your daring try for +6. If you think you can take out the pokemon go for Flare Blitz.

Long Story short, alternate between Swords Dance and Protect.
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