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Plains of Valkaria

It was nice to be outside again. Zane's eyes had adjusted to the darkness of the catacombs from the few hours that they had spent there. Now, as they exited, the bright light of the sun shone to his eyes immensely, causing him to cover up a bit to adjust back to it. But when he did finally adjust, he took in the surroundings as a reminder of the great and beautiful country he fought for, from the plains across Valkaria, to its cities, large and small. Indeed, the discoveries he made in that place did not weigh as heavily on his heart as they did moments before in the darkness. In the sun, he almost felt more confident. Perhaps it was the illumination, finally being able to piece together mostly everything and understand why this was happening in the first place. Zane didn't doubt that they had challenges up ahead. But he was hopeful now. He didn't know if they would succeed, that much he still accepted, but the wealth of information gathered improved their chances in his eyes. They now at least had a way to stop it. The key lied in Cape City. The Gold Crystal.

The Gold Tribe journeyed back to Albia, where they would rest, pack what necessities they could, and then prepare to leave to Cape City. During that time, Zane would speak with Generals Belas and Hazone, informing them of their intent and catching up with them. As they headed back, Zane wondered if their newly added member, the Alakazam whose name they did not yet know, and even whose title was a bit unknown, would be accompanying them the entire way. It certainly seemed that he would, but Zane wondered if the older Pokemon would be able to keep up. He wanted to ask him during their walk back, but the Pokemon walked alone a bit to the side of the group, clearly not wishing to speak to them at the moment. At least, that's what Zane believed. He was certain he would get a chance later.

It was a few hours later that they managed to get to Albia. The sun still high in the sky, the time maybe being around mid-afternoon. Already, Pokemon were hard at work rebuilding homes and other damaged parts of the city. In the days since the battle, Albia was looking better every day, although it still was severely damaged nonetheless, and likely wouldn't be completely rebuilt until after the war ends, if it ever did.

"Right." Zane began to speak, turning around to face the Gold Tribe. He had almost forgotten how many of them there still were with them. There were over a dozen now. Even though they had lost a few along the way, they had begun with only four in Liberty Town. War truly did bring them to their cause. He put the thought aside for now, recollecting what he was going to say. "We should pack whatever we'll need. Bring enough supplies for a week. There's no telling how long this might take, detours and all. I'll meet you all at the gates in three hours, and then we'll head out."

The Gold Tribe departed after that, heading their own ways to prepare for their journey. Sword and Shield, before he went off to get ready, approached Zane and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Vigil, take a look." He said to him, pointing off to something in the east. Zane didn't immediately see what he was pointing to, but eventually it became plainly obvious. It was smoke, quite a large portion of it, rising from somewhere in the Thieves Forest. Zane couldn't tell for sure, given the extraordinary size of the forest to begin with, but it seemed to be coming from the general location of the Thieves Village. A few other Pokemon in Albia took notice as well, looking on at the forest, though quite a distance away, and worried what was the cause. Zane wondered too. What was happening in the Thieves Forest?


Thieves Forest

With the cloaked Pokemon gone, Scar looked ahead at the village. He could hear chatter and noise from the thieves who were probably going about their 'merry' business as usual, completely unaware of the impending danger they were in. And Scar made sure of their non-awareness, commanding the Ancients to kill any scouts they would have found along the outer areas of the forest. Now, the forest was littered with Ancients patrolling and preparing to invade and decimate the village, thereby ending the a huge thorn in the side of the Silver Tribe. But the plan was a bit more intricate. In this extermination, they had to make sure to kill Roswell, the King of Thieves. He was the mastermind behind the entire operations of the thieves, and killing him would most certainly end the reign of the thieves, and also most likely prevent them from ever coming back. The Sentinels would enter the village as emissaries from Auron, requesting to speak with Roswell. Roswell would invite them in, believing the Sentinels wouldn't be stupid to try doing something on their own, completely unaware that the forest was crawling with Ancients. When the Sentinels were close enough...they strike, and the Ancients invade.

Scar began to walk towards the forest, the other Sentinels following behind. He noticed that Genevieve was nowhere to be seen, him assuming she had not yet reached them. Scar shrugged it off, decided ultimately that she was missing out on the fun. A lone Ledian approached the Sentinels. He was trembling, but he did a fairly good job of hiding it. Scar just had a knack for telling these things.

"Silver Tribe, what're you doing here? We had did our part of the deal. Wasn't that suppose to mean you wouldn't be bothering us anymore?" He said, keeping his guard up, what little good it would do.

"Ah, yes. But Auron wished us to speak with Roswell. It is of the utmost importance." Scar lied. The Ledian thought about it, then replied.

"Alright, give me the message, and then I'll deliver it to Roswell."

"I'm afraid we can't do that. Lord Auron's instructions was to deliver it to Roswell and only Roswell. You wouldn't want us to have to come back here under different terms, would you? I assure you we'll make this as painless as possible."

The Ledian thought for a moment, before a cooing sound was heard through the forest. Scar assumed this was a code the thieves used to communicate with each other. After a few back and forth sounds that sounded like gibberish to him, the Ledian nodded, and began leading them into the village. As they got closer, the sounds of the partying and chattering actually started to lower than increase, Scar assuming that Roswell had put them all under alert of what was happening. Scar smiled a bit, praising the Lucario's quick thinking and decisiveness, what little good it would do him here.

After passing through the village, they eventually reached the Decreement, the main treehouse building in the village, where Roswell usually held meetings and council with others. The Sentinels walked inside, finding Roswell seating casually (though Scar noted that he appeared to almost be forcing the casual display as an act to make this all seem normal). Hundreds of Pokemon were watching through the holes of the top of the building, many wondering what would happen next.

"Sentinels." Roswell acknowledged them as they entered. "Mind telling me what the hell you're doing here? We had an agreement. This message better be good."

"Ah, yes, the message. Let me see here...." Scar looked over his person, apparently making an attempt to appear as if he indeed had a message to deliver. "...hmm, strange. I can't seem to be able to find it. No matter! I can recall most of it with good accuracy."

Roswell leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms as he awaited the delivery of the message. The thieves above watched worriedly, wondering what would happen next.

"Lord Auron says....and, I am just paraphrasing here...that it is time for your end." He said, with a smile. Just as Scar finished the sentence, Roswell's eyes grew large, and the Inferno stepped forward, mustering as much energy he could in one stroke, and unleash a hellstorm of fire not only towards Roswell, but at the entire building and Pokemon in it with a Fire Spin. Flames spread everywhere and the screams and shrieks of all manner of Pokemon could be heard. Smoke and ash began to cover the area. Scar squinted his eyes as he tried to see through the flames and tried to see if they had killed their target, the King, only to find an empty chair. He then noticed the Lucario jumping up through the cracked holes of the Decreement.

"Thieves, run! Get out of the village! Get out and hide!" He yelled, and they soon began to disperse out of the building, trying to flee out of the village.

"Ha! What good that will do for you, Roswell!" Scar yelled after him. "Our Ancients are already surrounding your village as we speak. Unfortunately, there is no escape!" Roswell gave a worried look, before jumping through the roof of the building.

"Hmph," Scar said. "They always run....come! We must not lose him. Kill the King of Thieves!"

The Sentinels exited the building and separated, searching for Roswell, just as Ancients began pouring into the village, slaughtering every thief they saw.

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