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Well Vato did leave us with a little bit that we can do ourselves. I say the remainder of us that are still active make our way through Castelia City into the Lostlorn Forest, catching any Pokemon we intended catch before Vato left. For the time being we will have to wait for Vato to talk to someone about what happens after Lostlorn Forest and the Guardian. I think the best course of action is for the remaining active players to get together into a team with their specific professor. From there you and your team would head off the docks into Castelia city and lostlorn forest as I stated above. This would require some of us to work together on our post. You know what I mean? It's like how Ruby and Falcon and Alexandria would be on team Rowan. Me, Falcon, and Alexandria would be traveling together with Rowan so we would have to coordinate our post. That sounds complicated, but I think it's a good enough idea than all of us just going out one at a time.

So the teams would be:
Team Oak: Christopher (siiadams), Abby (-sam)
Team Elm: Patrick (pat20cool)
Team Birch: Jack (Godzil), Savanna (kay11190)
Team Rowan: Ruby (me), Falcon (pokemonmaster_draco), Alexandria (reader_maniac)
Team Juniper: Regal (machomuu)

Does this idea sound good or complicated? I just was giving it a chance since we are all trying to keep this going.
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