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Made by Mojang

Overall Rating: (8/10)

General Gameplay:
Modification Possibilities:

Platforms: PC, Xbox.

Xbox Price: 1600 Microsoft Points
PC Price: £17.95/$28.74

Minecraft is a sandbox game, in which the player can do many things.

Minecraft, in my eyes, is a very good game and there is almost no limit to your possibilities. In Minecraft, the player can freely explore the world - in which the land is supposedly bigger than the Earth's, giving the player a chance to explore the world more freely and to add to the places you can discover and build on.

Survival mode is the most commonly played mode on Minecraft, this is where the player starts out with absolutely nothing but a pair of fists in which you fight a battle to survive. In this mode, you have a health bar and a hunger bar. You can kill animals such as Pigs, Cows and Chickens for food and eat it raw or cook it; cooked food would fill up your hunger bar more than raw food. When your health is low, a full hunger bar will start to regenerate your health, but if your health bar is low, you lose health. You can mine ores, stone, obsidian to make weapons and items. To make weapons, you require a crafting table, but you can craft many more things than just weapons; you can make furnaces (which enable the player to cook/smelt), as well as fishing rods ranging to music blocks. There are thousands of items that you can make in Minecraft. Along with crafting, the player can brew and smelt items which broadens your options in creativity. When playing survival mode, animals aren't the only type of mob you will come across. In dark areas, mainly night time, threatening mobs will spawn that attack you which cause you to lose health and potentially die. Death will result in the player spawning randomly in the map, where you first spawned, or where you last slept in your bed. However, if your bed was destroyed or is obstructed then the player will be forced to spawn randomly. A player's map will consist of different biomes, ranging from swampy to desert. Also, scattered throughout the map, you will find caves; areas which you can explore and find ores. But when ravaging through a cave, beware of mobs, because there will always be some lurking around. Within caves, you can locate dungeons, which will have a mob spawner and either 1 or 2 chests. In these chests, you can find all sorts of things. A mob spawner will spawn mobs that attack you so you must either light the dungeon up so none can spawn or destroy the spawner itself. Apart from caves, you can find ravines and travel through the seas. Different biomes will have different sorts of 'friendly' mobs that you will be able to collect different items from. Survival mode can be played in 3 different difficulties; easy, normal and hard. Easy makes the player do more damage than normal, and the mobs do less damage than normal. Normal difficulty makes the player do normal damage to the mob and vice versa. Hard makes the player do less damage than normal, and the mob do more damage than normal. Also, dieing whilst playing on hard difficulty will result in a game over; the deletion of your world and save game.

Creative mode consists of all the same things, except you can spawn in items at your own will and mobs will do no damage to you. This mode tends to be for the people who like to do massive buildings or projects or just generally mess around with the game.

New modes are soon to be added to the game; adventure mode and capture the flag.

You can modify your game in a massive amount of ways; add more items, more mobs, more weapons that are entirely new and allow the player to really enjoy the game as much as they can. The most popular mod in the game is Tekkit, an industrial addition to the game which adds another thousand or so completely new items to the game.

Texture Packs are also available if the player wishes to have different graphics for all blocks and items. The default texture pack isn't a preference to many players, so you can download texture packs to enhance graphics of the game or just make it look more fun to you.

I could go on and on about this game, you could never stop writing about it but I don't want to break PC so I'll just end here for now. I will be coming back from time to time to update this review so be sure to check it now and again.

PC and Xbox Comparison:

The PC and Xbox editions vary, different controls, graphics (slightly), customization and updates to the game.
The PC version has updates more frequently and more is changed than on the Xbox. Whenever you are reading this, the PC will always be updated much more than the Xbox. When the Xbox updates, which isn't too much, it doesn't update as much and it doesn't catch up with the current PC updates. Xbox is always catching up with the PC version.
Graphics can be changed on PC but not the Xbox. On PC, texture packs are downloadable to be able to change the look of blocks and items in the game, whereas on Xbox you are stuck with the default look and it is unchangeable.
Another advantage on PC is that you can add modifications to your game, which will add items, mobs and whatever you want to the game to make it more fun. On Xbox you are just stuck with the normal items and blocks that come with the game. Modifications are used by more than 95% of active Minecraft players, so it is a big factor that the Xbox is missing out on.
The controls are different quite obviously, on the Xbox you would use an Xbox controller and the Keyboard for PC. I can't say which is better because players have different preferences.
Overall, I strongly recommend the PC version over the Xbox.

Current Updates:
Major Update
Enchantable Books
Christmas Surprise
Many enchantments tweaked
Added option to enable touchscreen input buttons and inventory
Many issues have been fixed

Title Update 7
Animal Breeding
Potion Brewing
Experience Points
Enchantment Table
Mushroom Biome
Nether Fortress
New Tutorial World
Snow Golems
Magma Cubes
Baby Animals