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Under the current manual, called the DSM-IV, children who meet the criteria for having autism are diagnosed with and told they have autistic disorder (also known as 'classic' autism) or Asperger's Syndrome or PDD-NOS, which stands for "Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified."

In the new "DSM-5" manual, "the criteria will incorporate several diagnoses from DSM-IV including autistic disorder, Asperger's disorder, childhood disintegrative disorder and pervasive developmental disorder (not otherwise specified) into the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder for DSM-5 to help more accurately and consistently diagnose children with autism," according to an APA statement Saturday.
Full article here

There seems to be a great deal of worry over children that will no longer meet the criteria for autism and therefore won't get the help they need. Anywhere from 5% to 40% of people may not fall under this new umbrella.

Other changes include: Substance abuse and Substance dependence becoming one disorder, Hoarding being separated from the OCD umbrella and becoming its own disorder, and PTSD getting a new diagnostic cluster for Complex PTSD, with sensitivity towards PTSD in children and adolescents.

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