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    Originally Posted by MiTjA View Post
    Trio badge has the same colour as the starter types, therefore RS remakes.

    But my favourite "hint" is still the post that said Reshiram and Zekroms names are the initials of the spanish names for RS or something lol
    And Kanto (as I said all of gen III).

    Well they are Rubi and Zafiro (R and Z) which ironically Zekrom was given a blue glow rather than yellow or white which are the most common depictions of electricity...
    Also interestingly Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem form the same Fire,Electric, Ice trio as Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres who in their english names have spanish in them (Kyurem is an odd ball, having no E for esmeralda (not counting the one in the middle) and having two versions...which have the same colors as Ruby and Sapphire Black Kyurem has blue stone and Reshiram Red stone...). However I think this is coindicende.

    Anyways, was there a reason for why GF needed to Lampshade all the emeralds in Drifveil with Steven's comment. Also why did they chose Emerald to be mined there...why not Diamond which is more expensive (though than people would be saying DP remakes lol) or perhaps metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum...heck they could've done all the stones and metals thus far which would be a reference to all the past games (minus RGBY).
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