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These are for Gen IV games only!



x 5
Moves: Tackle, Ingrain, Magical Leaf & Toxic (6th only got Tackle)

1st. Quirky, Male
2nd. Impish, Male
3rd. Hasty, Male
4th. Hasty, Male
5th. Mild, Male

Moves: (1st to 4th only got Tackle) (5th to 20th got Tackle, Protect & Water Pulse)
1st. Gentle, Male
2nd. Serious, Male
3rd. Bold, Male
4th. Brave, Male
5th. Calm, Male
6th. Quiet, Male
7th. Mild, Male
8th. Brave, Male
9th. Careful, Male
10th. Gentle, Male
11th. Hasty, Male
12th. Impish, Male
13th. Calm, Male
14th. Jolly, Male
15th. Impish, Male
16th. Docile, Male
17th. Gentle, Male
18th. Naughty, Male
19th. Rash, Male
20th. Impish, Male

Moves: (1st to 4th got Growl, Sunny Day, Dragon Claw & Flamethrower) (5th to 7th got Scratch & Growl)

1st. Docile, Male
2nd. Adamant, Male
3rd. Mild, Female
4th. Rash, Male
5th. Bold, Male
6th. Sassy, Male
7th. Adamant, Male

Moves: (1st to 5th got Tackle, Growl, Ingrain & Leech Seed) (6th to 11th got Tackle, Growl, Reflect & Natural Gift)

1st. Bashful, Male
2nd. Naive, Male
3rd. Bashful, Male
4th. Gentle, Male
5th. Impish, Male
6th. Bashful, Male
7th. Calm, Male
8th. Hardy, Male
9th. Impish, Male
10th. Naive, Female
11th. Sassy, Male

Moves: Scratch, Leer & Dragon Dance (4th to 6th got Scratch, Leer & Trash)

1st. Careful, Male
2nd. Brave, Male
3rd. Hardy, Male
4th. Jolly, Male
5th. Jolly, Male
6th.Brave, Male

Moves: Tackle, Leer, Cut & Flamethrower

1st. Jolly, Male
2nd. Adamant, Male
3rd. Modest, Male
4th. Quiet, Male

Moves: Pound, Leer, Synthesis & Leech seed (4th to 10th doesn't have Synthesis)

1st. Rash, Male
2nd. Naughty, Male
3rd. Quiet, Female
4th. Naughty, Male
5th. Modest, Male
6th. Sassy, Male
7th. Lax, Male
8th. Relaxed, Male
9th. Calm, Male
10th. Quiet, Male

Moves: Tackle, Growl, Uproar & Stomp (7th to 16th got Tackle & Growl)

1st. Gentle, Male
2nd. Quiet , Male
3rd. Serious, Female
4th. Docile, Male
5th. Hardy, Male
6th. Bashful, Female
7th. Careful, Male
8th. Naive, Male
9th. Lonely, Female
10th. Modest, Male
11th. Impish, Male
12th. Lonely, Female
13th. Jolly, Male
14th. Modest, Male
15th. Naive, Male
16th. Careful, Male

Moves: Scratch, Growl & Aerial Ace (5th to 10th don't have Aerial Ace)
1st. Relaxed, Male
2nd. Gentle, Male
3rd. Lax, Male
4th. Modest, Male
5th. Gentle, Male
6th. Calm, Male
7th. Timid, Male
8th. Calm, Male
9th. Calm, Male
10th. Brave, Male

Moves: Pound & Surf
1st. Docile, Female
2nd. Bold, Male
3rd. Timid, Female
4th. Gentle, Male
5th. Docile, Male
6th. Naughty, Male
7th. Quirky, Male
8th. Jolly, Female
9th. Quirky, Male
10th. Lonely, Male
11th. Hasty, Female
12th. Calm, Male
13th. Modest, Male

Moves: Tackle, Worry Seed & Seed Bomb (6th & 7th only got Tackle)
1st. Careful, Male
2nd. Sassy, Male
3rd. Impish, Male
4th. Careful, Male
5th. Timid, Male
6th. Adamant, Male
7th. Hardy, Male

Moves: (1st to 3rd got Leer, Double Kick, Blaze Kick & Fire Punch) (4th to 5th got Scratch, Leer & Taunt) (6th to 9th got Scratch, Leer & Torment)
1st. Bold, Male
2nd. Hasty, Male
3rd. Timid, Male
4th. Bold, Male
5th. Lax, Male
6th. Mild, Male
7th. Rash, Male
8th. Serious, Male
9th. Mild, Male
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