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    Dalex was leaning up against a tree taking a little nap outside New Bark Town, relaxing in the warm sun waiting to come up with an idea on what to do. Keit, his Glaceon, was laying next to him in the grass. Dalex stroked Glaceon's fur as he watched a young lady fish on the bank of the New Bark River, that lead to the ocean and the Kanto region. The lady was maybe the same age as he was, maybe a little older. He seen her jerk violently, she had caught something on the line. Dalex got to his feet, "Keit, let's go!" he yelled running over to where the lady was. He caught a glimpse of her right as she was jerked off the bank and into the river.

    "Keit, stay here. None of your attacks will be a good idea in water." He said jumping into the river with everything on, luckily the xtransceiver he had was water proof. He opened his eyes and looked around and he caught sight of the girl. He had guessed she had fainted from lost of air, because she was not moving. Dalex swam over to her, but was cut of by a Magikarp, but something was odd. It had glowing red eyes and was much more powerful than a normal Magikarp. It rammed into Dalex, and he lost his breath. He swam back up and gasped for breath.

    "Ma ma!" Keit cried and jumped into the water. Dalex got the air he needed and went back underwater. This time he swam faster and grabbed the girl by the waste and swam to the bank. The Magikarp tried to stop them, but Keit used her Aqua Tail and the Magikarp slammed into a rock that was in the water. The Magikarp started glowing. Dalex's eyes widened with fear and he swam faster. Dalex got to the bank and picked the girl up with his arms and ran. When he got a good ways away he laid the girl down and ran back to the river. Keit was back to the shore and shaking the water off her fur. Right when he was about to call her to return. A Gyarados popped out of the river. Its eyes were solid red and it was really mad.

    "Give me a break..." Dalex said to himself. The Gyarados leaned its head back and fired a Hyper Beam. It made contact with Keit. Dalex caught Keit and she was knocked out in one hit. "Keit return." He said and red beam of light came from the Poke Ball he took from his side. After seeing that he could not stop the Gyarados, he ran for where he left the girl and picked her up and ran off to Prof. Elm's lab, the closest building he knew of at the time. After running for a few minutes, he arrived at the lab. He ran in and laid the girl on a couch. She started moving a little. "Prof. Elm!!! Are you here!!?" Dalex yelled. His voice echoed and a man with a white coat and glasses came in. "Yes, I am here." He stopped and seen the girl was on the couch and ran over to her. "What happened?" Prof. Elm asked. Dalex explained what had happened at New Bark River.

    "This is not good." Prof. Elm said.

    "What do you mean?" Dalex asked.

    "Well, you know that the wild pokemon are becoming more aggressive and Suicune, the Legendary Pokemon, is missing right?" Prof. Elm asked looking at Dalex.

    "Yes, but I did not know that the pokemon were becoming aggressive this close to the border of Johto." Dalex said.

    "Neither had I. I will notify Officer Jenny. You probably need to head to Ecruteak City, after you get your pokemon checked out. The girl will be safe with me." Prof. Elm said.

    "Why Ecruteak?" Dalex asked.

    "There is a ceremony for Suicune at the Ecruteak City Dance Theatre. I can tell you want to help find Suicune. This is probably where to start." Prof. Elm finished.

    Dalex nodded and walked out of the lab. After he was done getting Keit checked out, he was ready to leave.

    "Braveheart! Let's go!" He yelled and threw his Poke Ball in the air. A blue colored Braviary appeared, small stars appeared around it then disappered. Braveheart cawed as he was out in the open again. He landed next to Dalex and rubbed his feathery head up against Dalex's arm. "Good boy, I need you to fly me to Ecruteak City."

    "Bra bra!" Braveheart cawed and picked up Dalex with his talons, being carful not to harm or drop him.
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