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    The plot of BloodRed and your RP is almost the identical. But since you stuck it to PG-13 I doubt it would be the same.

    There's a reason why it's called Blood Red Version. Your Rival dies, killed by his pokemon when you first defeat him.

    Heh, the warning message? They're the same, but Oak says it instead.

    I'm having trouble with the "Average" part of the character. All the characters I make have something special about them. Is it alright if she's not "Average and Normal teen" but instead "Weird and Distinctive"? I fear if I try making it more "normal" I might turn it into a self-insert.

    ... Having D.I.D. is still considered PG-13 right? I read something like that but it was 15+.

    Also, I envy the Wild Card. I always wanted to start with a Zubat (I did that in a fic that I have never gotten around to finish)
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