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    May I have the Wild Card roulette? :3

    Aaaand here's the sign up itself!

    Name: Adelaide Smith

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    History: Adelaide was born to a French mother and a New Yorker father, who gave her the unusual name as a compromise between each of their heritages. Luckily, this was one of the few differences between them, as each parent had a love of the arts that they instilled in their daughter from a young age, where she would be read bedtime stories of mythology and visited the museum every weekend to see whatever new exhibits the couple could get private viewings of.

    She was a spoiled child, certainly, but she took the tales to heart, as the mythology and fairy tales were filled with cautionary tales about how one should act. As a result, she worked hard when at school and flourished when having fun, although she was a bit of a daydreamer. As she grew more confident in her own abilities, Adelaide longed to make her own stories, but her parents had their jobs and she had school. But, as a compromise, she was allowed into the world of videogames.

    The immersive worlds only satiated the teen in the slightest amount, and only fueled her longing to be like the heroes in the games. She buried herself in stories and the study of such, with plans to Major in History and English once she got to college; this alienated her from her friends somewhat, but they admired her passion nevertheless. Most of her free time was spent polishing her own skills, and when she got an email to contribute to a brand new game, the young woman couldn't resist the URL.

    Appearance: Adelaide is a tall but waifish girl, with slender limbs from more time spent among books than sports. As such, she wears thick clothing to make it seem like she has more meat on her bones, but knows how to style herself thanks to the insistence of both parents that one should always look their best. Her hair is kept in a stylish brunette bob that elegantly curves along with her slender jaw and compliments her fey facial features. Most of her looks are inherited from her mother, while her distinctive blue eyes are from her father.

    Her most common attire consists of a t-shirt covered by a regular, colorful shirt and a darker open hoodie that's also covered with a simply-colored jacket with lots of pockets for all of her knick-knacks. With this, there's usually a decorated satchel hanging over her shoulder and a pair of jeans that end in canvas shoes, most often Keds. There's always a Gatsby stuffed into one of her pockets, to protect Adelaide's face from the rain.


    Personality: Adelaide believes that life, like stories, follows patterns, and likes to compare most events in life to literature or art. Depending on who's around her at the time, this can either seem quirky or frustrating, but it all comes from the young woman's heart and passion for her work. Anybody who's interested in such things themselves can spend hours talking with her, whether it's the influence of PTSD on poetry, or comparing the reflections of societies to the state of their beliefs.

    The skill doesn't extend far past spirituality, however, as she's not very good at maths and needs to follow instructions if she's to work with machinery. Despite these failings, she's confident in her abilities and loves a good challenge, no matter how dire it might seem. Should somebody offend her, however...well, there's a saying about New Yorkers and running down pedestrians.

    Music of all sorts

    Foot rubs
    Free food

    Junk food

    Starter Pokemon: Torchic

    RP Sample
    It was with a great groan that Adelaide stretched her limbs, having spent a long day out and about the city while finishing off her chores that had piled up over the weekend she'd spent far too engrossed in a new book. There were not enough hours in the day for this, she silently bemoaned, as she stuffed her hat into her jacket and took a glance at her slumbering rig. She seemed to stare at the power button as if in a battle of wills with the machine, which she surrendered too soon enough.

    She would check her emails, then take a shower and go to bed. If she could avoid getting yanked into another hours-long play session by one of the deceptively addictive games stored on her hard drive, in which case she'd suddenly end up at six in the morning again. And she'd have to do double chores, again. At least school had recently finished, she supposed, as she slipped into the leather seat that dominated half of her room and powered up the computer.

    With a glance at the ceiling, the young woman plugged some earphones into her ears and wondered whether she should get a new painting to hang over her monitors; the soft tones and sombre mood the image invoked had fit her previous monitor and desktop perfectly, but her new one was all sharp-edges and an abstract swirling of images. She'd need to add a trip to the art dealers' store to her diary. But before she could ponder much longer, her rig was booted up and raring to go.

    Most of her emails could be replied to on the following day, but one particular promotional email caught the young woman's eye. She applied for far too many betas to see the new name as an unusual occurrence, because they often took a long time to come through. "Sold." She grinned to herself, proud at having been accepted, and clicked the URL without a second of hesitation...
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