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    Originally Posted by Ash_Ketchum123 View Post
    @ Curious - Very well then~ Welcome to Another New Game :>

    @ Rune Alchemist - Ahh~ Sure! I made a character like that before. I'd love to see how you play on that one
    I really didn't want to get Too much into character and personality because, I like to explain it in story, but I hope this will suffice.

    Name: Sarah Morgan
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    History: Sarah is a 17 year old, who works as a Lifeguard at the YMCA. She, her mother and little brother live in Pasadena California. Her mother and father are recently divorced, a subject that weighs on both her and her brothers minds constantly.

    The absence of a real family structure gave room for her to act however she wanted, despite winning numerous beauty pageants in the Southern California area, Sarah was arrested for assault, illegal possession of a firearm; public intoxication and public indecency.

    The bulk of the charges were dropped; she spent her whole summer in a juvenile detention center for her illegal firearm. She met her friend, Rosie there; despite being nuclear opposites Sarah and Rosie developed a bond with each other, one that actually caused Sarah to mellow out.

    Her parents were a bit surprised at her coming out, but her mother wrote it off as a phase and allowed it, because Rosie kept Sarah out of trouble.
    Sarah’s mother and Father Felt it were best for her younger brother to live with her dad, whilst she had one on one time with her mother. This decision ultimately made her resent not only her parents, but even her younger brother in some aspects. (This can be seen through most of her responses)

    Appearance: Sarah wears a pair of Black Spandex shorts, with a long sleeve T-shirt. (This is because she’s typically colder in her arms, rather her legs.) Both of her ears are pierced, and she wears a necklace around her neck that her grandfather gave her,
    She has Pacific Ocean blue eyes, with brunette shaded hair.

    Sarah comes off as a typical valley girl, and is most likely to shoot off a sarcastic or Witty response. Once one breaks through her shield she becomes friendlier. Sarah is determined to do whatever it takes to accomplish a task if she truly believes it's in everyone's best interests, and her goals are ultimately altruistic, wanting to heighten everyone's standards of living, even if she does not always know how to go about it.
    She values honesty; she prefers not to lie if she can avoid it.

    Sarah is somewhat suspicious, it can take months or years of knowing someone before she feels she could trust them or let her guard down around them. If she does not feel like she can trust a person, she may withhold information from them that might have been helpful otherwise.
    She can be fairly blunt and dismissive about opinions and trends she considers stupid or backwards, regardless of how widespread and socially acceptable they are, and rarely takes into account that people she speaks to might subscribe to such viewpoints/trends.

    Likes: Swimming, and Dancing
    Dislikes: Snakes

    Starter Pokémon: Wildcard.

    RP sample:

    The final bell resonated loudly overhead, ending what could be described as a routine day. Though school was out; Sarah didn’t really see too much going on for her this summer.

    “Killing isn’t wrong…” Sarah said, continuing a heated debate she’d been having with her best friend. “Not if it’s for the right reasons; what Hitler and the Nazi’s did was wrong; what the world did in response to them was right” she said, pushing away from the table taking out a cigarette.

    "I don't think taking a life is the right answer for anything, even if it’s for 'justice” Nicole started, she slowly enclosed her hands together, trying to be careful to what she was about to say next. "Because that's what it was right? The world had its 'justice' when they killed Hitler. But what if everyone decided to act in that way? To take 'justice' in their own hands where they saw fit?" .

    Biting the inside of her cheek she thought for a moment. It was clear to Sarah that Nicole was far more intelligent than she usually gave her credit for. "What if I were to go out and seek 'justice' by killing everyone I thought was responsible for my parent’s death?" Her memories took her back to that dark alleyway, the blood that will forever stain the city's streets. She suddenly paused for a lengthy time, her eyes snapping back up as she let out a heavy sigh. "Never mind, I'm... I'm just talking just to talk now." her hazel eyes landed on Sarah’s cigarette.

    "Nooooooooo." she quickly snatched the cigarette from her friends hand and pulled it away. "Step one in 'walking the straight edge lifestyle' no smoking." she gave a playful wink. Sarah’s eyebrows knitted together a bit tempered but she almost immediately cooled down.

    “Yeah I guess” Sarah retorted, handing her the cigarette without too much of a fight; she usually resorted to smoking when she had way too much on her mind. “Oh look there’s Antoinette” Sarah said again, pushing out of the bench walking over to the cheerleader.

    “Sooo Netty, I heard you were giving my friend here a hard time again” Sarah didn’t care for the odds to much, even with a cheerleader trio in front of her; she remained unnerved. “Netty” was notorious for bullying Nicole, and Sarah had heard enough.

    “Look new girl you need to get out of my face before I hurt you…” she said, taking a step up as if she fully intended on standing her ground. Antoinette poked her in her sternum which quickly angered Sarah, a florid red texture came upon the face of the young beauty.

    “Don’t….ever…touch…me” she said, pushing her palm into Netty’s chest sending her flailing backwards towards the ground. Hailey and Tracey went with her because of their proximity; hundreds of people gathered around somewhat shocked at Sarah; she didn’t see the seriousness of what she did.

    Though it was the last day of school, getting caught here would cause this incident to care over next year. “Run girl!” Nicole screamed, rushing behind Sarah as the school security ran in pursuit.
    The two girls ran completely off campus, until they were just a few blocks from their respective homes. “Uhn…you…are…one..crazy…girl” Nicole said, gasping for air.

    “No…one…messes…with my friends….” Sarah replied also gasping for oxygen. “I need to get home, It’s my brothers birthday and I have to buy him something” she explained, whilst starting north.
    “Later girly” Nicole waved, before both went their separate ways. In the back of her mind, Sarah knew her dad would find out about what happened between her and Antoinette; every time she got in trouble at school he was the first to find out.

    Sitting at her desktop, she almost instinctively got on Facebook; her heart began pounding thunderously, as she felt her phone vibrating deep within her pockets. “Hey mom…” she said, reluctantly.

    “Ugh, Yes mom; I’m looking for a cheaper deal on a video game” She sat at her computer; trapping her phone between her cheek and shoulder whilst she filed her nails. “Love you too. K bye” she said, quickly hanging up the phone. There was a bit of nervousness that built up within the pit of her stomach, the feeling of getting in trouble in that moment over took her.

    Clicking back into Facebook, she wrote a status one indicative of feelings. “What’s this?” a window popped up on the left hand side of her browser. “An email?” there was a look of confusion on her face” not completely understanding what the message meant; she clicked on it and almost instantly passed out.

    I don't know how to add spoilers or else I would've done one. I don't usually write more than 100 words, when I'm just "auditioning" for an rpg can expect some of this to make it into my first post
    Pokemon White 2: Sarah
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