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Originally Posted by Hyper Chibi Absol View Post
Thank you for the help. :3

Also I need help with something else. I'm getting an error message every time I'm trying to save my Pokemon now which means I can't change the Pokemon you find in certain routes. *frown* Here's a screen shot. Can someone help me with this?

I did some experimenting to replicate what you've been experiencing and it seems like you may have overwritten a number of pointers which point to the lists (Grass, Water, Headbutt etc.) of which Pokemon appear on which route. This large block of pointers is located between 0x39D454 and 0x39DBEA in Ruby. There are quite a few zeroes in this location so something was probably inserted here accidentally and overwrote stuff. You should be able to C+P this data from a clean Ruby ROM to remove the error notification and let your lists save themselves again.

Unfortunately if you do this then any new list pointers which are still usable will be deleted and the the actual new Pokemon lists will be lost somewhere in your ROM. For example: the Route 101 grass Pokemon list will still show your changes, but if you added a water list in Route 101 then its pointer will be deleted. Also, whatever you inserted and overwrote everything with will be deleted so that may cause problems somewhere.

Hopefully that was the culprit, but if not could you post a patch in the thread/ PM it to me so I can have a better look at it? :)