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    Hey, its Icy (Aisu) back from the dead! I had another fanfiction on here some time ago - the reason I didn't finish was I had lost interest in Pokemon for a long time. (I'm still not that interested - I just play some games.) But I really wanted to finish a story on here so I bring you Revolution, a story about the war between humans and Pokemon.

    Warning - There is profanity knocked around in here. I wasn't able to edit them all out.

    Chapter One

    “Racist Zoroark…I can imagine the headlines already,” Dominic muttered, walking through the bleak and barren place that was once Snowpoint City. The buildings were toppled, reduced to jagged gray fingers jutting out from the thick sheet of ash and upturned soil covering the paved streets and sidewalks. Ash fell from the mahogany-colored sky instead of snow, falling over Dominic’s red cloak. He rubbed his nose with his claw, trying not to sneeze.

    “Imagine only. With these rebels, I heavily doubt you’ll live to see the papers when they do produce them.” Reyes gestured to the scene around them. “I mean, you see the number they’ve done on Snowpoint already. Imagine what they could do if their numbers doubled, or even tripled.”

    Dominic shuddered. “Oh, man. This is getting to be a real problem. I mean, people having Pokémon is a part of life. Why rebel against that?”

    “I guess some people just don’t like being contained in a tight space, coming out just to fight until you’re at the edge of your consciousness.”

    “Like you did?”

    Reyes’ shoulders slumped under his emerald cloak. “Yeah, like I did.”

    The change in atmosphere made Dominic uneasy. “So…why are we here anyway?”

    Reyes knocked him over the head, carefully avoiding using his razor-sharp leaves. Dominic tensed up suddenly, turning his ears around halfway. Reyes looked over his shoulder and saw an incoming cloud of dirt going at a fast pace towards them. As it grew closer he could make out various Pokémon, all with furious expressions. He tapped Dominic’s shoulder.

    “I think we should hide,” he whispered. Dominic looked around and pointed to the PokéCenter. The PokeBall symbol was half buried in the ground, covering the entrance, and the windows were too cracked to look through. They made a break for it, feet pounding behind them. Dominic dodged behind the PokeBall, prying the broken doors open and ducking inside, Reyes following closely behind.

    The Pokémon Center was dark and almost as desolate as the city. The ceiling was broken apart and wood hung over the smashed counters and machines scattered about. Chairs have been flipped and twisted and most of the rooms were blocked by debris. Dominic stepped around the mess, able to see in the dark, but Reyes wasn't so lucky. He tripped over a wire, falling into a twisted pile of machines. Dominic listened closely to the footsteps going by the PokéCenter and heading off in the opposite direction. He breathed a sigh of relief, leaning against the wall.

    “We’re safe, that is, until someone decides to check this place,” he said, feeling around the wall for a light switch. “It feels like one of those zombie apocalypse movies where there are these kids trying to run for their lives and hiding out in destroyed buildings.”

    “Yeah, I guess,” Reyes moved his arms around like a blind person. “Help me out, Dominic. I’m no Dark type like you.”

    “Everything seems to come back to the Dark type excuse,” Dominic muttered, clambering over the mess.

    “Give me a hand,” Reyes said, but it wasn’t his voice, nor did it come from his direction. Reyes whirled around, knocking a chair into the wall with his big bushy tail.

    “Who’s there?” he shouted in the darkness. A batch of PokeBalls shifted in the corner, sending up clouds of dust. A Bisharp got out of the mess. “Rebel or revolutionary?” Reyes demanded, jabbing his finger at him. The Bisharp jumped a bit, surprised.

    “Revolutionary, I guess,” he said. He sounded younger than Dominic but not as mature as Reyes. “I was working here when the rebels attacked a week ago. Since then I’ve been hiding in here while they patrolled the city.”

    “Damnit!” Dominic banged his fist against the counter, smashing it in frustration. “What’s with these damn rebels?”

    “I don’t know,” Reyes sighed. “At first, it was like ‘Oh, nice, Pokémon get a stand’ but now its getting to be more like a monarchy.”

    Dominic didn’t say anything. He pulled away a pile of charred wood to open the hallway and motioned for Reyes to follow as he ventured further into the PokéCenter. Smaller Pokémon, such as Wurmple and Rattata, skittered across the blackened floor as he passed by. He checked in the abandoned human rooms, fearful that one would be residence to a rebel.

    “When I was a Zorua, the only problem here was Team Galactic.” He found a room that had a decent bed inside and went in, his ears pricking back and forward, alert to every subtle vibration in the air. He sat in the shadowy corner, discarding the cloak. His black fur blended in well with the background, contrary to Reyes, who stuck out well with his green skin. “That crazy guy – what’s his name? – Cyrus, convinced of capturing Dialga and Palkia.”

    The room was painfully quiet for a few breaths. Reyes sat on the edge of the bed, the Bisharp joining him. “…What’s your name?” he asked, trying to be polite as he learned. The leaf Pokémon didn't seem to know what polite was, however.

    “Reyes,” he said, exhaling. Dominic took long, deep breath, and both of them thought he was asleep. Daytime was always a bad time for him, considering he was a Dark type; even though the sky was the same color as blood the same basic principle applied: he was hardly awake during the morning hours. If he had to he could fight, but he was most prominent at night. Reyes handled everything in the morning, and Dominic took over in the night. It was the odd partnership they had agreed to two years ago.

    Bisharp was silent for a while, then he cleared his throat. “So…why are you here?”

    “We were supposed to survey the damage done on the cities in possession of the rebels and make note of it. I can tell how many Pokémon are in control, what type they are, and basically our chances of winning. We are trying our hardest to come to an agreement with them, but…but they are dead-set on creating a lawless society, where anyone could do whatever they pleased; where there is no dominant species, and everyone is at the same exact level.”

    “That’s some pretty serious ****.”

    “Trust me, it is. In the first place, humans were friends with Pokémon. They helped each other with daily life. Then someone invented a PokeBall, which lead to Pokémon battles, gym leaders, Leagues and everything that you know today. Things have been that way for so many years humans have lost track of the history, leaving only vague details to piece together, like a puzzle missing pieces. Even if humans weren’t supposed to have Pokémon, things shouldn’t be resolved like this.” Reyes rubbed his arm.

    “Then again, nothing in this world is resolved peacefully.”

    “I know that much is true.”

    “Hey, Reyes? How do you know all this anyway?”

    He seemed hesitant to reply this time. “My Trainer used to take me with him to school. I learned a lot from there.”

    Bisharp wanted to ask about his Trainer but Reyes’ face stopped him. He propped his elbow up on his leg, trying to distinguish Dominic’s figure from the darkness. “How did you and Dominic become friends?”

    Reyes looked like he was trying not to laugh. “Well, two years ago, Dominic was being chased by a group of rebels. He ran right into my forest in the middle of the day. At that time, me and my three friends were lounging in trees, playing a game we called ‘Sneak Attack’. That was before we knew about the rebellion though, so the atmosphere was very light. Dominic barreled through and we thought he was my friend Roy and we all jumped him with Leaf Blade. After that he was indistinguishable as a Zoroark. I apologized many times over before he finally accepted it. I asked him why he was running and he explained to me about the rebellion. I thought it was a load of bull**** and joined in with him as a revolutionary. Originally I was teamed up with a Conkeldurr and Glalie but I have” – he cleared his throat, slightly embarrassed – “an inability to cooperate with others. Dominic’s the only exception.”

    They made idle conversation after that. Bisharp explained how his Trainer had travelled to Sinnoh to challenge all the Gym Leaders and made it up to the Snowpoint Gym. He decided to heal him before challenging Candice but before he could leave the rebels attacked. Through the fire wall Bisharp couldn’t find his Trainer and had been there ever since, hiding. It was a surprise to Reyes when the sky began dropping shades until it was a deep red-black color.

    “I think it’s safe to go out now,” Reyes said, standing up and stretching. Dominic stirred, his bushy mane bristling.

    “Oh, ah, its night?” he yawned, rolling on his back.

    “Yeah. Dominic, we need to keep moving. We have a job, you know.” Reyes tapped his wrist, an impatient habit.

    “What about me?” Bisharp asked. Dominic stood up, stretching his back.

    “There are beds at the revolutionary base, right, Reyes? We can take him there,” he suggested, easily finding his cloak in the darkness. He threw Reyes’ cloak at Bisharp, who looked nervous now.

    “What’s it like there?” he asked.

    “Full,” Dominic and Reyes said at the same time. Reyes cleared his throat and continued, “It’s a base where all the revolutionaries are located, ready to settle any dispute between the rebels and the humans. They also work on retaking and rebuilding rebel-controlled cities, like this one. All we had to do was see how many Pokémon are guarding it and evaluate their levels and types so the base can send out the Pokémon best situated to deal with the threat.”

    “No,” Dominic argued, balling up his fists. “It’s a shelter under the Veilstone Department Store where they shove in raggedy old mattresses for everyone to sleep on and a whole bunch of Poffins instead of real food, and then there are people barking orders at you every other minute your not trying to sleep over all the noise.”

    “Creative way of putting it but yes, it is kinda like that. But overall, it’s a good place,” Reyes added quickly, seeing Bisharp’s discouraged expression. “I’ll be glad to get out of this smog city though. There’s so much ash if I wasn't a Grass type I’d be on the floor hacking.”

    “Oh, speaking of that, you should lay low; the majority of Pokémon out there are Fire types and Ice types, both super-effective against you.” Dominic ran his claws through his mane. He kept important documents in there, but nothing really helpful in the case of a fight, except a single Potion from a PokeMart he stopped at along the way. He made a mental note to acquire more useful items.

    Please, I never see you lay low when there’s something like a Machamp out there,” Reyes pushed the door open. The creaking hinges hurt Dominic’s ears worse than the ensuing silence that befell them; the calm before the storm. Reyes counted at least twenty Pokémon out there, but that was just the ones he could see. Who knows how many could’ve been hidden, an animal ready to spring. The tension was like rope slowly wrapping around everyone’s lungs, squeezing them until they could hardly breathe.

    Dominic slipped past the PokeBall and outside. The cool night air was disturbed by the ash and dust swirling around. As far as he could see, everything was quiet. However, he knew from experience that nothing stays quiet. He pricked his ears back and forward, alert as ever as they stalked along. Then, the familiar rumbling sound returned, and Dominic saw a group of Pokémon running towards them from the only available exit in the city. The other route was blocked by fallen trees too high for even Reyes to jump over.

    “Isn't there more than last time?” he said, pushing Reyes and Bisharp forward. “Before it was like, maybe two dozen, but now it’s like that two dozen had babies, and their babies had babies.”

    “What do we do?” Bisharp asked. Dominic sighed and rubbed his nose.

    “You can use Extremespeed, right?” he asked Reyes.

    “Yeah,” Reyes grabbed hold of Bisharp, slinging his arm over his shoulder. Then he looked at Dominic warily, “What are you gonna do?”

    Dominic cracked his knuckles. “What do I do best? I’m gonna kick some ***.”

    He cupped his hands to his mouth and blew out a whirlwind of flames that spiraled and twisted in the air, illuminating the night sky. The Pokémon halted a minute, inches short of being burned. Then he moved quickly, disappearing with the fire, becoming nothing more than a shadow in the night, screams the only thing indicating his location.
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