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    The air was starting to get a little cooler while Braveheart was flying with Dalex in his talons. He had just flown over Violet City when he noticed a few Pidgey flying near Braveheart and Dalex, but they seemed normal. Dalex figured that the Pidgey were flying near him and Braveheart for protection against bigger pokemon. Dalex closed his eyes to feel the breeze on his face. It felt so great to be able to fly like this, he thought.

    "Bra....bra bra..." Braveheart cried. Dalex opened his eyes and looked down at the ground. He saw a pokemon that seemed to be frozen in ice with its head uncovered.

    "Take me down Braveheart." Dalex said to Braveheart. With that, Braveheart flew down to where the frozen pokemon was. When he landed, Dalex pulled out a flashlight that he had in his bag. He clicked it on and shined it at the frozen pokemon. It was a Ursaring. It looked like it was sad and weak. Dalex looked at its eyes, they were normal. Braveheart was keeping an eye on the surrounding area from the sky.

    "Hey, don't worry. I am here to help." Dalex said reaching slowly for a poke ball at his belt. The Ursaring cried a little as if it was scared, which wasn't normal. They were usually a fearless pokemon. Dalex threw the poke ball into the air. "Snap, I need your help." He yelled. The poke ball opened and Snap, the Krookodile came out. "Krook. Krook." Snap said crossing his arms.

    "Snap, use Dragon Claw on the ice, but be careful not to hurt Ursaring." Dalex said. Snap listened and started chipping at the ice softly. Dalex took a knee and looked through his bag. He pulled out a nice big Aspear Berry and a bottle which contained a reddish liquid. He walked over to the Ursaring and put out his hand with the Aspear Berry. "This is a Aspear Berry, it will help you warm up." He said to the Uresaring. After a few minutes, Snap had completely freed the Ursaring. It tried to walk away, but it was too weak. "Here, this is Ice Heal. It will help you feel warmer." Dalex sprayed the Ice Heal. The Ursaring flinched a little, but then relaxed as if ten gallons of hot water had been poured over it. Dalex also took out a Oran Berry. "Eat this as well. If will help you heal quicker." Dalex said. The Urasring took the berry and swallowed it. It growled happily and licked Dalex. Dalex put a hand on it's head and rubbed it. The Ursaring went on its way.

    Dalex turned to Snap. Snap had his arms crossed and had a moxie look in his eyes. "Good job Snap. Now return." Dalex said pulling out the poke ball and pointed it at Snap.

    "Krook." Snap said before being zapped back into the poke ball by the red light. Dalex looked up and the sky and Braveheart was still flying. "Braveheart!! We are done here. Let's start heading over to Ecruteak City again." Dalex called. Braveheart cawed and then headed back down to Dalex. Dalex clicked off his light and placed it back into his bag and zipped it up. After he put it back on his back, Braveheart took him by the talons and headed to Ecruteak once more. As they flew, he saw a few people walking toward Ecruteak City as well. One had a Gengar floating behind him. He figured they were on their way to Ecruteak for the same reason. He could see the towers on the horizon and knew he would be there soon.
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