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Welcome to the forum, Thegameman! Anything you'd like to be called? Your username's kinda long and hard to remember. D:

Why not tell us more about yourself? I'm sure you'd get a little more replies that way, since it's easier to have things to say! Anything you're here for in particular? Pokemon discussions, ROM hacks, debates, clubs, orrrr are you just looking forward to getting involved in the forum in general? Whatever you're here for, I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself here, since we are an active forum with lots to do. Just make sure to give the rules a quick read to understand how everything works and you'll be good to go. ^_^

So yeah, go ahead and make some posts! We should have some holiday events coming in the next few weeks too, so stick around for those too if you're interested. It has all sorts of contests from spriting to singing, so there are always a lot of people returning to participate. But of course that's just a suggestion, so enjoy your stay and have fun with whatever you plan to do here. <3

See you around and do drop off a message if you ever need help with anything~

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