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    Hey LeSabre! Thanks for stopping by. I've been waiting to post this chapter for a while. I agree; it's a nice break from the city-to-city monotony. But as we move forward, more important events will unfold, so the focus won't just be Michael and Company moving from one place to another.

    It would seem that, in stark contrast to Michael not thinking about his mom a whole lot during his trip so far, she's been thinking of him constantly. And, especially given the volatile relationship between mother and son, it's really interesting (and maybe a bit surprising) that she's taking his disappearance as hard as she is. It's not quite the same thing but I know my mom (ironically also named Patricia) and dad threw a huge party when I left for college and the only mess in the house was a result of that, lol
    It's not just Michael leaving, remember--it's all those past memories that Patricia was forced to confront because of it. And yes, in a way, she had to cover up all the old tensions, both from Michael and from herself, in order to make their life together as painless as possible. But unfortunately, her mental barrier wasn't as strong as she thought it was. You can see how through the chapter it breaks down bit by bit.

    And it seems that I've caused you to do a bit of philosophizing. xP Desired effect achieved muahaha It was interesting to see the connections you made. While I didn't base Michael's family situation on anything in particular, I was careful to make it as realistic as possible. It's good to know my planning paid off, especially since I had to reveal everything that went wrong between her and Andrew and the brothers in such a short amount of text.

    I'm glad you enjoyed our little check-back with Michael's mom. From here on out, she'll be appearing in the story more often, since she still has an investigation to run. And it appears like the police have caught on to the fact that Michael's no longer in Jubilife, so perhaps that will cause them to spread their search... (Yes, this is where it gets interesting. Very interesting. :P)

    See you next chapter!
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