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    Akatosh's Hourglass
    Created by Elite Killer
    Original RP had assistance from WestsideConnection

    Elder Scrolls wiki, I put a lot of links in my post, but if there is anything else you want to research, look there.


    It is fifteen years after the events of Skyrim, and violence still grips Tamriel. The Skyrim Civil War concluded three years ago, with the Nords triumphing and claiming Skyrim independent. Despite this independence, feelings are starting to escalate between Skyrim, and what is left of the fledging Empire, which now just includes Cyrodiil and High Rock. But even High Rock, which is now disconnected from the Empire, has had their support shaken.

    Meanwhile, the Argonian State, which encompasses Black Marsh and Morrowind, is nearly bankrupt after paying the Aldmeri Dominion a large sum of money to remain independent, which leaves the Dunmer, natives of Morrowind that had no say in the negogiations, attempting to overthrow the "cowardly" Argonian government.

    Back to Skyrim, Ulfric Stormcloak, now High King of Skyrim, announced full-out war on the Aldmeri Dominion four years ago. Neither side has made up much ground, but the Dominion managed to take the North-eastern city of Winterhold a few weeks ago (in the RP world), which puts the Dominion in striking distance to Windhelm, Ulfric's capital.

    The Dominion hasn't just gone to war with Skyrim either, declaring war on the remnants of the Cyrodillic Empire shortly after taking Winterhold from the Stormcloaks. The Dominion is set on their goal, pure Elven Domination of Tamriel. It would as if the powers of Tamriel are going to destroy each other. But, when all seemed lost for Tamriel, a glimmer of light reached the continent.

    A tablet found in the Valus Mountains, which goes along the Cyrodill/Morrowind border, goes into detail of a artifact named after Akatosh, the much revelled god of time. This artifact, called Akatosh's hourglass, is supposed to give the wielder the powers of the god Akatosh. This artifact has drawn increased political interest, and was the main reason for the Aldmeri, along with all the other political and cultural powers taking an increased interest in Cyrodiil. But one thing the tablet failed to mention, the location of the tablet, which has set off a continent wide scavenger hunt.

    You, through your character, is a citizen of Tamriel who has found themselves imprisoned in the Imperial City dungeon, whether the imprisonment is just or not, you are in prison. Not for long however, as the RP begins as the Aldmeri are invading the Imperial Capital, giving you the chance to escape as the prison is being bombarded, and the guards are fighting elves. So, you are to escape prison and find the hourglass, whether or not you are connected to a political faction.


    • Standard RP Corner and PC rules apply
    • NPC's are okay, as long as you fill out a mini-SU for a NPC that will be around for a while.
    • I will play the major NPC's, like political leaders, guild leaders and other IPC's (Important Plot Characters, I'm hoping it catches on)
    • Only the GM knows the location of the Hourglass, I will not play like I know the location of the Hourglass.
    • You can create your own sub-plots, and wander off from the main plot, since this is Elder Scrolls
    • Everything requires an explanation. You can't just say "derp it turns out he derped and herped and now he is derp" give some reasoning.


    Name: (What is your character's name, make it sound like a name that fits your species)
    Gender: (Male or Female)
    Age: (16+)
    Species: (One of the ten, no mixed breeds)
    Appearance: (What does your character look like? Pictures are acceptable)
    Personality: (How does your character act? What are their traits? Likes and dislikes? Opinions?)
    History: (Your character's history up to now, include why they are looking for Hourglass)


    1. Taken by Elite Killer
    2. Aurian - Bosmer (Pointblank)


    Tamriel Map:


    Cyrodiil Map(Most of RP will be in Cyrodiil):

    Pokemon X Team:

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