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    Name: Fait Kuruso
    Age (15+): 16
    Gender: Female


    Personality: Fait is a kind girl, but she is easily annoyed. She is not afraid of confrontation. She is also very curious, as she wants to know a lot. She looks like a forgiving person but it is not true. Fait can keep a grudge for ages, and she only forgives people who she thinks are very sorry or who she loves. Because of this, she doesn't have many friends. You can easily become friends with her, but you can easily annoy her too, which is bad. All in all, she is kind, but you can set her off quickly.

    History: As a young girl, she had two friends. Since there was no way to contact her friends, she had to play with the family pets, Aryss the Skitty and Naito the Poochyena. She became good friends with the pokemon, and got sad when Naito got ill and got put down. When she started high school, she was still grieving for her pet. Because of this, she wanted to be alone a lot, meaning that her friends were drifting off. When she finally got over it, her two friends had left her. One of them, who used to be her favourite, had joined up with the class bully. Fait was then bullied for a year. The only company she had was Aryss, which had evolved into a Delcatty. Soon, everyone in the bully's gang had left the school for different reasons, and the bully was moved into a different class. This is why she doesn't forgive people easily. In the end, she made some new friends and then found out about the 'Legends League' and the 'Life Keepers'. She wanted to help get the Life Keepers away, and she then came to Professor Rowan's lab.

    Pokemon: Shiny Sandshrew
    Male (Or female if possible)
    Ability: Sand Rush.