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    Name: Julyanne "Julian" Eigis

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Julyanne is 5'4 feet tall and has Grey eyes hidden under her red contact-lenses; her waist-long Strawberry Blonde hair is tied into a looping ponytail with the rest hidden under a Boy's Cap; 'He' wears white blazer with golden details, a maroon sash, black pants, and a belt kit hidden under a black and gold long-sleeved vest tied around his waist.

    History: Julyanne got into an accident when she was young, forcing her into a coma. She woke up two years later, but from then on her family has been over-protective and kept her inside their estate. Due to her family's wealth, she was able to keep up with her studies, but Julyanne remained oblivious to the world outside her walls. When she turned seventeen, she was told that she is to be engaged to another noble, someone she has never met. No matter how much she loves her family, the over-bearing nature of this request was too much and couldn't accept it. She decided to run away with her little sister, posing as "Julian" in doing so.

    Personalityhe values her ability to choose and her sister above anything else. She's a social-clutz to normal people but can hold a candle to the most ludicrative speaker when talking to those of the upperclass. Julyanne adores cute things like stuff toys and little Pokemon, so much that she sometimes unwittingly gushes over them. As "Julian", she tries to act like a cold snubbish teen (which isn't hard, as she mostly doesn't know how to respond) who only pays attention to her sister and Pokemon. She is headstrong. sticking to whatever decisions take her. She will never throw away her ideals, but will do absolutely anything for her sister.

    Pokemon: Egg~