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And suddenly the GM was overrun by SUs...

Name: Raiso Ionis
Age (15+): 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Raiso is a young man who has hair exactly like Volkner’s, except a bit shorter. His eyes are brown, and his mouth is almost always in a grin (when it’s appropriate). He wears a blue plaid buttoned (and short sleeved) shirt on top of a solid red long sleeved shirt. He wears a seldom closed brown jacket on top of that with a sling book bag, and he’s a bit muscular. He wears brown cargo pants, a wristwatch, and brown shoes. Lately, he’s been holding a long wooden pole which is strong and sturdy, and works similar to a cane- but can also be used to defend himself. He is decently sized at 6’0”.

Personality: Raiso likes to make conversation. He’s not a chatterbox, but he talks when he feels that it’s kinda quiet, and sometimes even talks to himself about what to do next or where he’s going. He likes almost all kinds of Pokemon, from Abra to Zangoose, and is fond of technology and mythology. He occasionally has his moments, you know, like we all do, but he’s a happy guy (for the most part). He’s that kinda guy who’s happy to be alive, to be blunt about it. He also has knowledge about the more... shady side of Sinnoh- and can easily blend in with the background to avoid trouble. But that’ll be covered in History as well.

History: Raiso was born on August 5th, making his nerdy parents happy with joy. He was born in Veilstone City, and he lived there for much of his life, up to fifteen. During his time in Veilstone, he grew up in large buildings, crime, and gambling. One could say he tried to beat the street by beefing himself up at Maylene’s gym, but the truth was that going to the gym was more of hobby than a “way to beat the street” per-say. He became very strong and was able to avoid the life of crime many of his acquaintances had taken, although he had a lot of knowledge about the many inner workings of the city. At the age of 13, his younger sister was born. Crime soon began to increase afterwards in the city, with many Pokemon being stolen. When the crime reached it’s peak and Galactic was becoming ever stronger, Raiso’s family quickly escaped the city, with Raiso holding his sister on his back. Apparently, his parents had been involved in a fight with a gang member, where they did not do anything but speak a small comment about the man’s etiquette. The gang member seemed to hold a grudge for them since, and there seemed to be people watching them at every corner. His parents developed a bit of paranoia in the process, and soon the family began their “escape” (which was more of a walk out of Veilstone in a jam packed bus with four suitcases) to Solaceon Town, where Raiso’s grandmother lived.

Raiso and his sister stayed with his grandmother, while, a year and a half later, his parents went to Sunnyshore to find work. They stayed with his father’s sister for another year, where they found odd jobs here and there. Raiso, in the meantime, developed a happy personality, and he was very optimistic. A while later, his mother returned, and Raiso had taken up hiking as a pastime, sometimes even traveling through the nearby ruins to have a good walk. His mother completely ignored her son (“you look too much like your father...”) and spent her time spoiling her daughter. Raiso hasn’t exactly learned what happened to his father, but his assumptions are grim. Although he kept his happy persona, he attempted to talk to his grandmother about what happened to his father, but not even she knew, and then she died a month later. After his grandmother’s death, Raiso decided to start a journey into Sinnoh, since he felt he really had nothing to lose.

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