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    I've been putting a lot of thought into how to catch my Entei (still roaming in SS), and have come upon what I think is an ideal method.

    1. Catch a Smeargle (I have one).
    2. Use Exp. Share (or have it Sketch a powerful move - which can later be forgotten if you don't need it later - and let it do its own fighting) to level it up to a high enough level that it can outspeed opponents.
    3. Encounter a Gastly (Sprout Tower in Violet City). Have items you can just waste while waiting for it to use Mean Look. As soon as it does, Sketch it.
    4. Go to move relearner (Blackthorne). Use a Heart Scale and relearn Sketch (I'm assuming this works).
    5. Encounter a Sunkern (i.e. National Park during the daytime). Use Mean Look a few times, or at least until Sunkern uses Ingrain. Immediately Sketch it.
    6. Repeat Step 4.
    7. Find a stronger Ledyba (Kanto Route 18 is excellent, at Lv.26-27). Linger around and wait for Baton Pass to be used. Sketch it.

    At this point, you should be able to encounter any roamer, use Mean Look to make it fight you, use Ingrain to negate the Roar it may often attempt to use the next turn, and then Baton Pass (keeping both effects in place) to someone who knows False Swipe or - in the event you have it weakened already - to someone with a paralysis-only or sleep-inducing move. It should be an easy catch from here.

    Is there a problem with this logic? Is there a better way to do this? I've seen advice to breed and evolve a Gengar with an Egg Move as a Gastly, but that would take a lot longer than the above and I think the above is foolproof unless the effects do not stay in place.

    (BTW, I intend this to be a thread for roamer catching discussion, not a simple quick question.)

    NOTE: I am aware in Gen. V that Mean Look is negated after Baton Pass is used.

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