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Originally Posted by pinta77 View Post
Oh, I also forgot to mention that I did actually send in an email about this because I was very curious. Interestingly enough, this was my response.

The secretiveness behind it all is what makes me think we'll be seeing them soon.
Its not really them being secretive. They just literally don't know. Gamefreak put the lock on them and the American branch for Nintendo only handles distribution and translation. They don't do any real development and can't even answer basic questions about their product without having to email the main branch of Nintendo in Japan.

It was like watching that video of the Nintendo guy at E3. He tried to sound secretive but you could see how little he actually knew about what was going on. He even made the comment, "I don't even know what they'll have for me when I get back to the office next week."

Anyone out of the main branch and not part of the development team doesn't really know anything about anything when it concerns their games. They know about as much as we do. Some of our members may even know more than Nintendo representatives do.
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