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OOC: badly written and long I know but not slept muhc xD hope it's ok guys


Willow glared at a wall in the poke mart in Sandgem Town, her eyes dripping poison at the inanimate feature as if blaming it for something. She had been stood there for some time now, her mouth etched with annoyance, while her favourite hoodie, soaked through, let one sad drip fall off her elbow, colliding with floor with a small, pathetic splash. The girl was short and curvy with big brown eyes that glared out maliciously from a small, heart-shaped face, where a button nose was centred, crinkled in annoyance. Her hair was a tangled mess atop her head, a few twigs sticking out here and there at odd angles, while mud splatter her shorts and top. Everything about this girl, who was stood in aisle three gave off warning signals, so people took too deliberately skipping the aisle to avoid contact.

It had been a long day, regardless to her only waking up two hours ago. But then again a lot could happen in two hours, Willow now more aware of this fact than anyone in that moment. From opening her eyes this morning she had managed to be chased up a tree, fallen into the cold, morning waters of a stream and lost her tent. The last point is what annoyed the girl most, as even up to this point she wasn’t exactly sure how she had managed to do this amazing feat. She’d just fallen asleep in its confinement last night, happy, warm and safe before waking up to the blue sky and a Caterpie staring at her with its big moon eyes. The tent, if you haven’t already twigged, gone.

“stupid thieves!” she snarled, kicking the wall of the shop sharply in a mini tantrum, at last breaking the intense pool of silence which had formed around her. “Couldn’t get their own stuff! That was my favourite tent! It was orange, those jerks! And now…now I am stuck with a stupid, baby pink tent! What is this?! It’s not even a proper colour…baby pink...” Mid-stream of rant however, Willow was interrupted by a small weedy looking boy. His achene covered face glaring at her from the end of the aisle beneath a curtain, of what Willow thought would have been blond hair, if he bothered to wash it.
“What?” Willow snapped, returning the glare with ferocity. How dare he interrupt a girl mid rant! It was rule number one! the silent rule all which men knew, at least she had thought so till now. The boy, one of the shop keepers Willow realised with heart clenching regret at her sharpness, met her eyes with a severe glare, before slowly looking down at her foot which was still firmly planted against the wall before shaking his head, sluggishly.

Following his gaze down to her sodden trainer, which had now smeared mud onto the walls white paint, Willow mouthed an embarrassed silent “oh” before slowly bringing her foot down and mouthing sorry with an apologetic shrug. AT this the keeper simply gave her a stern look, before sliding his specs back up his, long, spotty nose and returning to his work. When she was sufficiently happy however, that he’d fallen for her best acting performance of the year, she celebrated by sticking her tongue out childishly before stomping out of the door, her new tent being dragged behind her.

As the door of the shop closed behind her, Willow grinned, shielding her eyes from the yellowish glare of morning sun as she calmed herself down. So ok, she had been made to fork out 150 quid for a new tent which was bright pink, her hair had seen better days and her knee still ached from her early morning adventures down a slime strewed, peddle stream. As well as having a death watch strapped to her wrist, but at least she had gotten what she’d come here for. Her first Pokémon. With this thought, she gave a lop-sided grin, before pulling on her cap and walking down towards the beach, her trainers squelching, uncomfortably with each step.

The beach it’s self was small, with a few people dotted about its pale sanded bay. Over near the south end of the beach, the wild squeals of laughter from children playing by the rock pools filled the air, as the tide came in, it’s gentle waves ever lapping the crisp, cut shoreline. In the water, Willow could just about make out a few head bobbing heads of sea swimmers, while surfers cut up the bigger waves with swift, sharp movements of their boards. A few bailed quite badly on one of the larger waves and the ruckus laughter of their fellows drifted over to the shore, making Willow giggle in turn. It all seemed so perfect here in contrast to her horrific morning.

After a while of soaking in the view, Willow made a move to find herself a perch on one of the smaller boulders near the back of the beach. Here she settled on its warm, smoothed surface looking out to the deep blue, as the morning’s light danced across its surface like a million fire flies. For a while she sat here, quietly, every now and again absent-mindedly fingering the cold, life meter that was attached to her arm. It’s metal banned cut into her, hurting slightly and weighing down her wrist. A reminder of her mission she guessed, as well as the great risk she’d managed to get herself into.

Yet even with this grim thought baring down on her heavy heart, the girl still smiled that smile she was known for back at home. She was happy, probably against all better judgement sure, but happy none the less. Reaching into the pocket of her damp hoodie, she pulled out the small, red and white pokeball. “Totally worth it” she grinned to herself, pressing the small white button in the centre and watching as the ball cracked open like an egg. From within came in a flash of red hot energy which shot out and down onto the sandy floor, where it gathered slowly taking shape. The end result being Jinxsey. The small fox Pokémon let out a tiny yip of joy at his freedom and stretched his forelegs eagerly, causing the fur on his back to bristle slightly before curiously looking up at Willow, cocking his head to one side and making his long ears dip awkwardly over one side of his face.

Willow watched, a small smile settling on her faded pink lips, before looking back up at the ocean. This place was starting to make up for her day which was a nice break at least, but as she was day dreaming, Jinxsey took the opportunity to explore, wandering towards the closest Pokémon he could see, A teddiursa, whom was sat quietly with its trainer.

When willow came back from her thoughts, noticing her pokemon’s absence she scrambled from her spot, grabbing her pack and hurriedly pulling over one shoulder before matching off after the small Pokémon. “Hey, where you going Jinx?” she called; worry tinging her voice in subtle undertones. She knew some Pokémon and their trainers don’t hit it off first time but never to the point of the Pokémon simply get up and leave..

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