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    A teenager and a pre-teen bowed in gratitude at the truck driver that gave them a lift to the quaint little town of Sandgem. The teen sighed as the remains of her motorbike taunted her, before reorganizing them into a pile for a better grip while traveling.

    Seriously, when she and her sister ran away from their home in Unova, she didn't expect to be attacked by a criminal's Charizard of all things the first thing when they stepped into Sinnoh. And to think, all of her connections are here, in one of the most dangerous (in her opinion) Regions in the world. Well, they always said, the most beautiful rose has the sharpest of thorns, and by gosh was Sinnoh beautiful.

    As they neared the lab of the prestigious Professor in Sinnoh, Julyanne, the teen, adjusted her cap to better fit her head. She looked into a shop window, pleased to look passable as a boy, therefor hiding her identity as a noble. For now she's sure that her parents noticed their absence, causing them to send out search parties and reward notices in world wide news channels.

    Discarding that sobering thought, she knocked on the lab door. A man in a lab coat greeted her, asking if she's one of the trainers here for a Pokemon. She nodded, gesturing to the scrapped bike and asking if she could store it here in the meantime as she looks for someone who could repair it.

    Her sister marveled at the equipment of the lab; diodes and led lighting up like Christmas lights; the beeping and whining of some somehow giving the place its own chaotic symphony. That was when they both noticed that she is the first to arrive, they both took a seat at the bench.

    As people entered and left the lab, Julyanne kept to herself, her sister fidgeting in her spot beside her. The teen gave her sister a reassuring pat on the head, earning a huff of annoyance from the pre-teen. She laughed inwardly, then listened to what the man in the lab coat decided to say. What he said, however, flew over the teen's head, but she did however caught the important details of what he had to say.

    When he (she) was asked to choose her starter, she noticed that some Pokemon not native to this region of the world are available such as that Bug/Grass hybrid so common to the forest of Unova, contrary to the original starters. She would have liked a Piplup, but since she won't be getting one anytime soon, decided on the Egg.

    Julyanne decided to stay for the moment as her Egg was to undergo a test, and she saw the choice of some of her 'Batchmates.' When all is said and done, the Egg was handed to her together with that damnable watch-shaped meter. She stared at the thing for a long time, with its grey metallic band and black watch-face. She sighed, looked at her sister, before strapping it on her right wrist.

    Since she is left-handed, she reasoned that since most people are right-handed, they would look at that first before her right. With her also wearing a watch on her left, she hoped that people wouldn't notice the meter and instead think she only has a watch.

    She tugged the blazer's sleeve to cover up the meter, and passively watched the other's ceremony with their first Pokemon, waiting for what kind of Pokemon is inside the Egg, as she was notified that it will hatch sometime today.

    The Egg in the glass moved to the side before settling back, seemingly moving closer to Julyanne.