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Gau turned to see an eevee running towards him, or more specifically he realised his Teddiursa. Was he going to have to battle this thing already? He quickly noticed a small tanned girl... or was she a woman? The trainers pixie-like look made it hard for the grey haired trainer to tell.
“Hey where are you going Jinx!” she called after the furry little brown pokemon that was now running in circles around Teddiursa, who was slowly becoming irritated. Gua could only sit there and think
“did she name her eevee after another pokemon” with a quizzical look on his face. He continued watching the two pokemon and the approaching trainer with his head cocked to the side in the manner of a curious pokemon. She was close enough now for him to realise she had odd her and peculiar brown eyes, that seemed to have gold running through their irises. The other trainer had now arrived at his location but Gau just continued to sit there and observe the new arrival.

Teddiursa on the other hand was fed-up with being harassed and proceeded to deliver a Scratch attack to the face of the fox pokemon. Gau simply placed a hand between the now furious Normal types and looked up and the young woman glaring at him.