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Name: Joshua "Kybolt" Numbilis

Age: 16 (15 if you allow that, I want this character as young as possible.)

Gender: Boy


Personality: Joshua is a strong believer in Fair fights. He quite likes Dark types and Water types. He is a novice and he is innocent, but he is fighting for one cause and that is to avenge his brother. He likes to copy people. He has another secret ambition, to find a Ditto.
(I hope this is sufficient, I can extrapolate if you want but I must go now.)

History: Now, this is not the good old Kybolt you all know and love. But I'll include his history too, Kybolt(Cameron)was born in Sunneyshore city, Sinnoh. When he Kybolt was young, he was given a Piplup, when he was 10 he hid this Pokémon from everyone and trained it, he chose to have a all Electric team except for his piplup, he became a trainer battling all the gyms... he attracted a lot of attention when he entered the Sinnoh Pokémon league, when they thought he had lost the final battle, he brang out... Empoleon

The Crowd gasped as Empoleon materialized, beating the final battle, in his fame and glory he ran out and went back home. At home he got a call, "Hello, who is this?" Kybolt asked.
"Ambassador of the Trainer Recruitment Agency of Bransife." The Man stated in a formal manner, "Bransife is a new region which has just been found."
Kybolt intently listened, "This is so cool! A new region!"
“Sure, it is, Kid. Anyway, we are looking for bright, new trainers to come to Bransife and as an accomplished Sinnoh league champion. We invite you to go on a Pokémon Journey in the Region of Bransife.”
Kybolt replied back, excited “Where do I sign up?!”
The Anonymous voice cheered “just take the first boat to Bransife!"
He called back to his Mother, “You'll be seeing me on the news!” he said as he sped down the road with his bike, he got on the boat, he put down his bag, and then someone out of the shadows wearing a grey outfit with a Big White H on the front, he threw out his pokéball , A Pidove, “Pidove, Whirlwind on the bag!” Suddenly the bag flew into the air and flew right onto a speed boat with a flag of a Tornado and a H on it, This man with a Black and white robe stood up “Thanks for the winning team!” The guy who looked as if he was a boss, the guy in the Black and white outfit ordered “Pidove use fly!” and he flew away.

Kybolt went to his friend who was there and explained what happened “That's Team Hurricane, looks like they got your pokémon and all.” Dividi explained, the boat arrived and he set foot on the land of Bransife. After spending a year in Bransife, He went home to find the middle of winter, he stepped in to find his mother cradling a baby wrapped in cloth in her arms.
"Mother?" he asked, but obviously knew the answer.
"Kybolt, this is Joshua, you're little brother." She replied.
Joshua grew up with a lot of Pokémon influence. His brother lent some pokémon to him once and awhile. Joshua aspires to be great champion of every region league.

One day, a normal day, Kybolt was on his bicycle and got into his home and as normal sat down on the sofa with his brother and turned on the TV.
"Hello, I'm Richard Goffry Pokéfanatic TV News Anchor for tonight.
Today's TOP Headlines: The Pokémon League changes for the unforeseeable "better" with the new The Life League! In this.."

"Joshua, this is stupid. Why give up peoples lives for a simple title, I know it's glorifying if you don't give your life but.. I don't know anymore." Kybolt stated to his brother.
"...very challenging, but this just in, the Life League Invalidates former champions."
"WHAT?!" growled Kybolt,standing up and stamping his foot onto the wood tiled floor.
Joshua tried to calm him down. "Woah! Calm down." He grabbed his brother's arm.
"No! You won't understand." Shaked off his brother's grip, he starts walking to the door his eyes pointed to the ground, he grabbed his coat, he opened the door. "You'll never understand." He whispered and slammed the door.

His brother ran after him but his mother stopped Joshua. "Leave your brother to do what he must."
"But mum!" Joshua snapped.
"No "but"s, turn off the TV and get ready for bed, it's late, and it's school tomorrow." Joshua's mother ordered.

Kybolt was never seen again after that, rumours have it a Life Keeper got him, and that he is no more. Joshua decided to follow in his brother's foot steps and avenge his brother, now with his new Sneasel, he will defeat the evil and avenge his brother.

Pokémon: Female Sneasel Please

Theme: Pokémon - We Will Meet Again.

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