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    Jinxsey let out a surprised yelp, as the silver claws flew through the air towards him before instincts cut in. Flexing his legs briefly, he jumped back, just in time as the claws barely missed him, sheering off a bit of his head fluff as he moved to avoid. Skidding to a stop on the sand behind him, a low growl crawled through his chest, as his lips pulled back into a snarl. The fur on his back bristled as his ears lowed, flattening against his back, as the snarl still rolled through the air between the two Pokémon. His eyes focused on the Pokémon in front of him resentfully.

    But this tense air was quickly drawn to stop with the Teddi’s trainer put as hand in between them both, a clear signal to stop before either one of them could have done any true damage.

    Jinxsey, understanding all too well this body gesture, ceased his pettiness and sat back on his haunches, before beginning to preen his fur and ignore the teddi. He had liked the tuff on his head and the new hair cut given to him made his skull feel open to the elements. Staring longingly down at the few strands of nut brown fur which now lay on the sand sadly, he let a sigh slide through his small nose before looking over his shoulder at his trainer, who was now stumbling towards in the scene through the heavy sand. A peculiar mixture of worry and rage dancing across her delicate facial features.

    Even from this short distance Jinxsey could understand Willow’s rage. He had only been curios and wanting to play when the teddy had swiped without little warning.

    After all he had only wanted to play, with this Jinxsey gave one last reproachful before snubbing the Pokémon for good and moving towards his trainer at a slow trot.

    Willow had let out a squeal of surprise as she watched from a distance, as the Teddiursa moved to scratch Jinx, before quickening her pace. “Don’t” she yelped, once again catching her own feet and stumbling forward hurriedly and cursing the sand as she went, feeling the fine grains fill her shoes and grit against her soft soled feet.

    When at last she reached the pair, she blundered to a stuttering stop, breathing heavily from her exertion, before looking up through her fringe with an almost hurt expression wrinkling her eyes and forhead. “He wasn’t looking for a fight, just a play mate!” she breathed, trying to explain her Pokémon’s actions before she quickly biting back her explanations when her eyes fell on the boy’s hand. His pale skinned arm placed between, what had been, the two bickering Pokémon. From the position she had been in when running, she had not seen the boy move and when seeing this, a wave of relief flooded over her, the knots of worry now slowly releasing her stomach as a smile played across her lips.

    “oh thank goodness!” she sighed, happily, walking forward and picking up Jinxsey in a quick motion. “Close call there, Jinx! You shouldn’t be running off on your own like that!” she chided, as her Eevee buried it’s self into her embrace, happy to be moved further away from the short tempered Pokémon. She laughed quietly to herself as he snuggled into her arms, before peering back out from behind his bushy tail, down to the boy, with a hurt snort. “Though on the bright side, liking the new hair cut you got your self” she giggled running her hand across his soft head. This comment earned her a steely glare from Jinx before he curled up once again and returned to glaring at the teddy on the sand.

    Willow also did the same, turning her gaze back to the pair sat in front of them, but with a softer, more apologetic look. “sorry.” She started, moving one hand to bunch up her scruffy hair at the back as a nervous gesture, an awkward smile now plastered across her face, as she took in the boy in front of her. The boy seemed tall, with pale skin and grey hair and seemed to be regarding her and her Pokémon with a quizzical stare. Ignoring this though she continued to stumble over herself, this time in conversation, rather than sand.
    “He likes to play and well I guess he thought he could have a friend in your teddy and was perhaps a little more than a tiny bit off with this idea” she grinned. “Hope he didn’t spoil anything.” At this she thrust her hand forward, beaming.

    “Is it ok to start again? As I have a feeling we may have gotten off on the wrong foot. The name’s Willow and This is Jinxsey.”

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