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Originally Posted by MiTjA View Post
They are talking about the next main games... and that they're not remakes.

Obviously they wouldn't say such a thing if the exact opposite was true, regardless if they could talk about that or not.
Well if you say so.
I actually hope the next game is a new gen for the 3DS. If so I can see a remake in 2015 of course I'm leaning towards a new adventure in Hoenn . And if I'm not mistaken gen 4 had new evos and prevos of gen 2 pokemon so if we get some new Evo lines of gen 3 pokemon in gen 6 we could possibly get a game set in Hoenn .
Personally I don't like using the term hints , I don't think GF leaves " hints " in games ( unless its stated somewhere they do, if so my mistake) I just think there similarities and instances where they show that the pokemon world from past generations are connected