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    Originally Posted by Seraphimon-sama View Post
    I managed to fix the problem. I did encounter a problem later that I couldn't fix so I was required to restart. I'm currently trying to figure out the last question for the second gym. I'm very glad I chose Torchic as my starter, due to Florinia's team being Grass-Types with that Cradily in there as well.
    Oh no! What kind of error was that, that you couldn't fix...?
    And, good luck!
    The books help with the Beat Up question too, but you may need to check even the ones laying around on the floor. c:

    Originally Posted by aco View Post
    i'm stuckt on the second gym because I can't anwer this question "how many pokemon are capable of outspeeding a maximum speed darkrai without boosts in any form" can someone please help me

    sorry for my bad english
    Pretty much what Seraph said; get reading!
    or you could just use google and look up pokemon by speed stat

    I'm gonna be changing these questions around though, since so many people have issues with them.
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