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    I have a long list. And this is kind of what I thought of this. I know that not every Pokemon should look cute, but here's my opinion.

    1. Wormadam- I mean, what kind of Pokemon is this? I know that she's a bagworm, but it's weird! They are unappealing, slow, and not reliable for much battles! And they have odd concepts. I kind of prefer Mothim.
    2. Ambipom- Come on, can they make it a bit less creepier? Its face and its entire concept is scary and looks like a person who would come out of your bed and attack you.
    3. Purugly- What the heck is a pudgy cat doing here? First, it was a skinny and delicate one (which shouldn't even be here), but it turns into an overweight lump. I wish it should be like Persian in terms of the concept.
    4. Magmortar- I got used to Magmar, but what? It's not cool anymore in terms of appearance. It has potential, but this is in terms of its appearance.
    5. Skuntank- Ok, this is one of the most disgusting Pokemon I've seen. I mean, it put its tail on its head and reveals the........ no comment. But it has a gassy sound as a cry and it shouldn't even be there in the first place.
    6. Pachirisu- Thank you, you furball. Thank you for being another unnecessary Electric Type that's a spawn of Pikachu and never evolves. It made another waste, Emolga. It shouldn't even be here.
    7. Kricketot- A useless Pokemon. Even though that I kind of like Kricketune, but Kricketot is very weak and it should know better moves. And what's ridiculous is that it knows NO MOVES by breeding.
    8. Bibarel- Oh god NO. It should know more water types by level up and that it's not even that strong. Its main potential is an HM Slave, which I used one for back in 2007 since it's useless and Empoleon is.
    9. Probopass- Ok, what is this supposed to be? It seems a bit.... odd. I have no idea if it's Mario or some kind, but it's completely random.
    10. Tangrowth- The last one I'm going to say before I reach my limit here. It has got to be one of the worst evolutions known to man. It's very slow, not even faster than the pre-evolution, and it's sort of like Tangela but a bit stronger. Tangrowth is an unappealing Pokemon and it can get killed off easily by Special Attacks. I don't want to know what's under that creature's blue vines.
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