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    Originally Posted by Munsie View Post
    Soooo I'm brand new to ROM hacking, and having a little bit of trouble understanding how to add events and such. I'm messing around with LeafGreen (I hope this isn't a problem, I don't see many posts referencing it, but I assume it works the same as FireRed). I added a house on Route 1, and was going to include a warp to it's interior...

    To test I could even make a working warp, I just wanted it to send you into Oak's Lab back in Pallet Town, so I set the Warp No to 0, Map Bank to 4, Map to 3. File->Save. Then I try to change which map I'm editing, and it keeps prompting me to save the map... I click yes, it just keeps me on Route 1, try to change again: Save? Yes. Back to route 1... I booted the ROM up to test and it most definitely hasn't saved...

    Sorry if this is a bit ramble-ish, but I'd like to know why this isn't working, or how to actually save my new event? :x
    Did you get any type of error message at any point? If not, close Advance Map, (which I'm going to assume your using), open up your game and test it out. If it did indeed save, then it is probably just a small bug that probably won't happen again after you restart Advance Map. If it didn't save, still, just try it again. Also, what version of A-map are you using? The newest one (1.95) was a beta and has a few bugs. If there was a specific error message, its number and description would be appreciated.