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    Official Team Red Eye Recruitment Thread

    The purpose of this thread is to find potential team members for my upcoming Pokemon Hack, Pokemon Helioa Adventures. It will be a Pokemon Black Hack, so you would imagine I need some very talented people to help me out. As far as my skills go, I can do Story Lines, Mapping, and NPC Dialouge as far as Scripting goes, I am not even gonna go there. I am searching for team members to help me realize my dream of creating a unique pokemon game, now make no mistake, this game will start off as a hack, but be created as an original pokemon fan game. I merely want to make it hack to test numerous things, such as how the story will progress, how the tiles look once created, how the various different features I want to incorporate into the game work, and to make sure they work sufficiently. So, if you are at all interested in joining Team Red Eye, do not worry, as this won't be a hack for long, this is good news for those of you who don't like hacks, please bare with me as I have no interest in making this a full fledged hack. As far as the story is concerned, both Pikakitten and I are hard at work on the story. We promise you, you won't be sorry; you are in for a real treat.

    Thank you all for taking the time to read this, and I hope to see some applications soon.


    - Weather (Includes: Snow, Rain, Hurricanes, and in some cases, Tornadoes)
    - Day and Night
    - Seasons (Winter, Fall, Summer, Autumn)
    - Pokemon Follow Trainer
    - Complex and Plot Twisting Story Line
    - All Generations of Pokemon
    - New Pokedex Design
    - New Gear (Poke Switch)
    - New Evil Organizations
    - All New Region (Helioa, Located Far East of Unova)
    - 8 New Gym Leaders
    - New Elite Four
    - Battle Frontier
    - Visit 5 Different Regions WITHIN Helioa
    - Each Region has its own Adventure and GYMS.
    - New UI
    - New Tiles and OW's
    - New Fakemon
    - Much More!

    Each Features adds unique gameplay into the game; check out my DeviantArt to see an in-depth summary on every feature mentioned.


    Proof Of Work:
    Contact Info:
    Summary of Skills:
    Past Experience:
    Time Zone:

    Current Team Members

    Elite Four Lucian - Mapper, Story Writer, NPC Dialogue
    pikakitten - Story Editor, Ideas

    Team Members Needed:
    Tile Inserters
    OW Inserters
    Story Writers (To Assist PikaKitten and Myself)
    Advanced Digitial Artists
    Pixel Artists
    Town Map Maker
    ASM Programmers

    Current Projects


    Pokemon Moon FC & IGN: Kai | 4313 - 5276 - 2514