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    Originally Posted by karatekid552 View Post
    Did you get any type of error message at any point? If not, close Advance Map, (which I'm going to assume your using), open up your game and test it out. If it did indeed save, then it is probably just a small bug that probably won't happen again after you restart Advance Map. If it didn't save, still, just try it again. Also, what version of A-map are you using? The newest one (1.95) was a beta and has a few bugs. If there was a specific error message, its number and description would be appreciated.
    Ty for the reply.

    No errors, just won't save for me. I tested in-game and my changes weren't there.

    I ended up running 1.92 (via GBA Pokemon Game Editor (super nifty collection of tools, I might add)) and I haven't had any issues adding/removing/changing scripts/warps/events and such. Guess I'll just have to juggle back and forth between versions depending on what I want to do.

    Now to dive into the nitty-gritty of scripting, hoorah. :D