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    As we all know with Gen V came hidden abilities, and a lot of Pokemon ended up with some pretty good ones. My only problem is the lack of ways to obtain a lot of the different Pokemon with their hidden ability, especially most of Gen V's Pokemon.

    A handful of Pre-Gen V Pokemon can be found via the Dream world, but that's a whole other story; And then there's few event Pokemon, but that lacks the choice or availability I'd like.
    With B/W 2 they added Hidden Grottoes where the Pokemon found there will always have their Hidden Ability, but even then I feel they missed an opportunity in B/W 2 to implement a way to obtain Gen V pokes with their Hidden Ability.

    Why do you think that they really don't have an in game way to obtain a lot of the abilities?
    And how else do you think they could , or could have made more (mostly Gen V) Pokemon with their dream world ability available?

    I feel as though they could have just made over world sprites (Granted that's quite a bit, but still) for the new Pokemon and added then to the dream world like normal.
    -Hoping they come up with something soon(ish)

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