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    The girl wasn't waking up.

    ...This was a bad thing wasn't it?

    "Geez," grumbled the Buneary. "Humans are so fragile. Why are my kind so scared of you little idiots again?" He flexed a paw and sat down beside the girl, watching her chest rise and fall slowly, peacefully. What a strange kid... standing up to an Alakazam like that... must be suicidal or something. He wondered if all humans had a death wish.

    One of his ears shifted up and he groaned quietly. Now who was bothering them? More importantly, why in Arceus' Plates was this bugger being so flipping quiet? Or attempting to anyway. Buneary had ears. They had really good ears. It was like trying not to be smelled by a Growlithe. Dude. Just dude. He opened a beady black eye, having been lounging next to Zoran's body. Edmund sat up slowly, appraising the Gabite with apparent disinterest. It was a freaker, definitely. Maybe if he broke a twig, it would jump.

    It asked a question, one that made every single one of his furs stand on end. The RDM? Why would that be a conversation starter? Edmund yawned widely to cover himself, staring up at the large and threatening Pokemon. "Nah...," he replied in perfectly clear normal words. "I'm my own Pokemon as it were kid." Honestly, he didn't know how old the guy was. However, any Gabite who fidgeted like that was either once captured by a horrible person, had abusive Pokeparents, or was too young for their claws. I'm just killing time with Sleeping Beauty here." His voice dripped with some subtle sarcasm. "What's it to you?"


    She floated further down the road well, practically flying. She was lucky that little rabbit or anyone had seen her. That could have been a real, real problem. Alakazam is out... she whispered to no ears. Have to hurry... have to get there right now...

    Not for the first time, she wished she was actually capable of grabbing things. For all she knew, that person was busy, too busy to notice that crazy creature at her location. Theo... why now? Why did you wait so long? What's started?
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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