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    Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
    I haven't done much trading with W2 yet, so chances are that the shop owners are simply my in-game fans (which is fine, I want those I eventually connect with to be the ones visiting my shops and increasing my popularity!). I guess I should do the one in-game trade (Gigalith in, Emolga out) once I decide which Emolga is the keeper; if the lower-leveled one, I'll still have a little work to do before siccing it on the Breeder with a Ducklett and Tranquill on Route 7! :D

    This is part of why I haven't opened my trade shop yet; I might make W2 my shop locale simply because it would increase the people coming into the game and, thus, my Join Avenue. The thing that worries me eventually is whether deleting the friend data (since I'd be having to cycle some) would render the sprite no longer visiting. I'm also hoping they visit at least once a day if I don't make them residents.

    I think to be on the safe side, don't make random people shop owners. You can eventually get Gym Leaders which is who I'll pick for shops and the such.
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