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    Sweet! I'll get it done before I go to bed tonight!

    My SU!
    Name: Jack Mesa
    Age (13+):
    Appearance: Jack has a golden tan sprinkled with faint freckles across his shoulders and cheekbones. His hair is a light brown, blond highlights bleached in from lots of time in the sun, and wavy. It's usually pulled back into a stubby ponytail to keep it tied back, though his bangs don't quite reach the tie and get in his face most of the time. He's quite short, but doesn't seem to mind or notice this fact at all. His dark brown eyes are usually sparkling. He has a bright face, with a blunt nose and a wide charming smile that shows off the slight gap between his two front teeth.
    Personality: Jack is a homespun boy through and through. He still holds a very idealized and some might say naive view of the world, though it's tempered with a down-to-earth practicality. Some people might hear his country drawl and see his ignorance of technology and the world and think he's dumb. However, he does have a resourcefulness and a conventional wisdom that serves him very well in the more physical world of pokemon. He connects quickly with pokemon, and has a knowledge of how they work from growing up on a farm, so he is actually quite good at advancing his pokemon's techniques ahead of their time and teaching difficult moves. He doesn't often choose to do this because he's a big believer in natural growth and living. He's very trusting and because of that a bit gullible, but he never holds a grudge and is so comfortable with himself and his world view that it's very hard to embarrass him. He's extremely patient, and so easy-going that it's almost completely unheard of for him to panic. His plodding, stubborn, methodical way can sometimes get in the way when speed is of the essence, but good luck getting him to move any faster than he's comfortable with.
    History and motives for entering: Jack was born in Kanto on a ranch and farm that raised many kinds of pokemon for commercial purposes. He grew up relatively separated from culture on his family's farm that lagged about fifty years in the past technology wise. He grew up working hard, loving the outdoors, and being surrounded by and helping care for pokemon every day. Unlike his parents however, Jack fell in love with the stories of heroic gym leaders, and the romanticized image of pokemon trainers. He was determined to become one, and at the age of twelve, went out to the nearby forest, and came back with a wiggling baby paras in his arms, declaring that he had caught it and it was his now so he would be going on a journey now.

    His parents were surprisingly supportive, and later, once Jack had begun wandering, they even sent him a ponyta from the farm to help him along. Jack began to take the Kanto gym challenge, though it was certainly not the marvelous adventure that he thought it would be. Jack didn't like seeing his pokemon get hurt, and though he had a gift for working with a pokemon's physiology and teaching them moves, he didn't take to pokemon battles very much. Still, he persevered on, because he still found value in bonding with his pokemon. However, he eventually found out about the contest system outside of Kanto. He immediately became infatuated with the idea of contests, and the moment his pokemon could fly and surf, set out to traverse the regions to make it to the contest scene.

    Jack took the contest scene by storm, quickly earning a reputation for his pokemon's advanced and precise moves. He had a talent for training pokemon and it led him to much greater success in contests than in battling where his tactics were lacking. Jack spent a good two years in the contest battling scene, and actually managed to become a professional coordinater, making enough money off it to keep going. He's known mostly for his clean and simple style that highlights a pokemon's natural abilities and talents rather than focusing on flashy artificial routines. All was going well until one day Jack received a call from his parents.

    Jack's home and parent's farm had fallen into bankrupcy over the four years Jack was away. While Jack made enough money to support himself and send a little bit home, he was not yet famous enough to make anywhere near enough money to save the farm. He needed a lot of money fast. When he heard of the monetary prize he could choose for the Ultima cup, he knew that was the only way he had a chance. Jack flew back to Kanto, finishing up his last three badges without too much difficulty after the intense training his team had from their contest days. After that, he set his eyes on the Ultima Cup
    Current Team as of entry:
    Chaga the Paras

    Male| Effect Spore
    Moves: Aromatherapy, X-scizor, Giga Drain, Spore
    Chaga was Jack's first pokemon, and despite its unevolved state, is his strongest and very high leveled. Chaga is curious and intelligent, but tends to over-think things and worry more than his master. He works to be very precise in everything.

    Skip the Rapidash

    Female | Flash Fire
    Moves: Fireblast, Bounce, Agility, stomp
    Skip is very much a skittish horse. She startles easily, and is constantly weary and on edge, ready to bolt at any moment. Her high energy gives her great speed and grace. She adores Jack however, and if she's alone with him is very affectionate.

    Joker the Dodrio

    Male | Run Away
    Moves: Fly, Drill peck, Endeavor, Tri attack
    Grumpy bird with anger issues. Vocalizes a lot of chirps and screeches to let his anger known. Squabbles with himself constantly.

    Daffodil the Golduck

    Female | Cloud Nine
    Moves: Surf, Confusion, Disable, Screech
    Daffodil thinks she's smarter than she is, which admittedly, is pretty smart, but not worthy of the incredibly snobby attitude she has. A perfectionist and fierce battler, she's not the kind of pokemon you want to get on the bad side of. She disapproves of cheerfulness and frivolousness, finding it sloppy and idiotic. She has a strong sense of honor.

    Spot the Spinda

    Female | Own Tempo
    Moves: Hypnosis, Dizzy Punch, Sucker Punch, Teeter Dance
    Completely unpredictable. She's generally bouncy and cheerful, but has been known to have extreme mood swings for no apparent reason.

    Any other relevant info: Not that I can think of.
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