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Okay, I thought something like this could be a good idea, so here goes:

Basically, someone comes up with a Scenario. Try and be as detailed as possible, and you can basically write a story if you want (Not a requirement). I will start out, then the next poster will decide the outcome of my scenario and they then write up their scenario:

The year is 2023. After decades of Struggle and Civil Wars, Africa has finally united under one banner, due to the Charismatic Leader known as Mbuli Bagunwe (Mmm-Boo-Lee Bah-Goon-Weh).

At first, people the world over thought this was a good thing, as United Africa (as it came to be known) distributed it's resources evenly amongst the newly formed country, thus increasing it's Average Wealth and empowering it's citizens

However, other people saw this as a potential threat. UA now has the biggest Population in the World, and is now the largest country in the world.


The UA forms a Trade Alliance with China and Russia, importing millions of basic goods in exchange for Natural Resources, such as Coal, Wood, Diamonds, Oil, Natural Gasses and Gold, although, in secret, also importing Thousands of Weapons and Vehicles and Factory Equipment capable of producing weapons and vehicles


UA has finally built up a massive Arsenal of Weapons and Vehicles and has also procured one ICBM

2028/Late July

UA Launches an attack on Australia and the UK simultaneously.
They deploy two quarters of their Armies, and yet still have enough Troops, Weapons and Vehicles to take on America

2028/Early December

England has fallen to UA, along with France and Ireland
Australia has proven difficult to conquer, mainly due to the countries size and desert areas.

2029/Middle January

America steps in and prepares a Nucealr strike, while a "Chinese" Cargo Ship enters US waters, off the coast on New York. The Vessel is carrying the ICBM, with a Yield of 50 Megatons.

What happens next....................

P.S: What happens next is entirely up to the next poster
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