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I am really stuck on how to make dependent events work. I have tried for the entire day to figure out why this little bit of code won't work for me.

All I want is for one character to follow and help the main player. I have read the Pokemon essentials Wikia page and it still doesn't make sense. T_T

I've tried making new trainer types, new encounters, replacing some of the older trainers/types... It's just a big mess.

I'm using the newest version of the starter kit (December 23rd).

I keep getting error messages:


Pokemon Essentials
Exception: RuntimeError

Message: Script error within event 12, map 5 (Route 1):

Exception: SyntaxError

Message: (eval):4:in `pbExecuteScript'compile error
(eval):3: syntax error

***Line '(PBTrainers::Pokemontrainer_Leaf,"Ita' shouldn't begin with '('. Try

putting '(' at the end of the previous line instead,

or using Extendtext.

***Full script:


Interpreter:276:in `pbExecuteScript'

Interpreter:1600:in `command_355'

Interpreter:494:in `execute_command'

Interpreter:193:in `update'

Interpreter:106:in `loop'

Interpreter:198:in `update'

Interpreter:124:in `update'

Interpreter:106:in `loop'

Interpreter:198:in `update'

Scene_Map:103:in `update'

This exception was logged in 

C:\Users\Home\Saved Games/Pokemon Essentials/errorlog.txt.

Press Ctrl+C to copy this message to the clipboard.

I've even read the error message, about the line and have done a million different things (okay, that's an exaggeration but still) to change the 'line' that seems to bother the program, but still doesn't work. *sobbing*

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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