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Originally Posted by vaporeon7 View Post
There really isn't any way to know, as I'm assuming you haven't recorded what Pokémon you have defeated with Kakuna. Also evolving Kakuna into Beedrill at lv100 compared to lv10 will make no difference to stats in the long run if you defeat the same Pokémon. Kakuna's defence will drop when it evolves into Beedrill.
Ack. Darn.

I've been *mostly* repeating the Elite Four and not even swapping out at every single new Pokemon sent out since I'm also leveling a couple of others on my team (Fearow and Mew, yay for Nugget Bridge prompt/glitch thing).

I only have Red and Silver so my knowledge is pretty limited in how everything works since I play these in bursts, not actively. Actually, have to restart Silver, now that I think about it since it's been so long and my previous game save no longer exists...gah! So many ideas and cross-referencing for future endevours running through my head and I have no clue if anything will work now.

Either way, thank you for the information. It certainly put a damper on my plans so I guess for kicks and giggles I'll just level Kakuna up to 100 with no evolution to Beedrill.

Since I've gotten THIS far with it, if its defense will just convert down if I evolve it, may as well be able to say I grinded out one of the worst things possible in this particular version. I wonder if it's even worse than leveling a Magikarp to 100 due to what I would at least presume to be more experience required.

Huh. Food for thought. Any-gosh-darn-whoo...again, thank you for the reply. =)