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    Originally Posted by Dragonite Ernston View Post
    So what I want to know is, does it support battles yet? It seems that any engine I've seen in development always has either one or the other, but I haven't seen one with both yet.

    As for your conversion requirements, consider using ImageMagick. It's a program that massively renames and converts image files as you seem to need.
    No battles as yet I'm afraid (though obviously they're planned). Two reasons, firstly I feel that the world should be as near to complete as possible before I move on, and secondly because I'm considering writing the entire battle engine as a plugin which would allow people to plug in their own completely separate engines if they wanted realtime or some other battle format. I'm not in a position to start yet.

    I know what you mean about half-finished engines, and all I can say is I hope this project stays alive long enough to become viable for games...

    I've downloaded ImageMagick, it seems like just the tool for the job, so thankyou! Now just to learn to use it.
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