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    Pretty much finished off my set of Synchronize Munnas - never caught a Lax or a Hardy, but that's fine. Breezed through Lenora's gym - Sawk did most of the work - then off to reclaim a stolen skull. Spent a long time in Pinwheel Forest and caught a nice Timid Cottonee, a Jolly Venipede and an awesome Adamant Sewaddle. Fought all the trainers, took back the skull, yada yada. Then it was on to Skyarrow Bridge.

    Sincerely - crossing Skyarrow Bridge for the first time was one of the most amazing moments I've had playing Pokemon, and it's still pretty impressive. It looks great and the music is perfect.

    Got in to Castelia City and just worked my way through, doing everything. Got the pokemon I planned on taking into Burgh's gym - Dewott, Roggenrola, Pansear, Blitzle, Tranquill and Herdier - all up to about level 20-22, mostly by fighting in the Battle Company, though I ended up doubling back across the bridge to do a bit of grinding in Pinwheel Forest. Then met Burgh, fought the Plasma grunt and was pleased to see Bianca get her Munna back. Then it was off to the honey maze gym, which was easily handled by the team. Back to the PC to heal, swung by the vending machines to stock up on water, soda and lemonade, then battled Bianca in the gate house. I felt a bit sorry for her, as I always do when I demolish her, but as usual, she brightened back up and went on her way, and I saved at the gate to Route 4. Next stop - desert.