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Here's my SU. Do hope I'm not too late

Name: Dar' Kovu
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Species: Khajiit

Personality : Dar' Kovu tries to be a calm, strong leader, but he will always be easy to anger. Once upon a time, he would do anything to complete the mission, now he abides by a strict set of morals. He's not one for talk, and shows his skill through his actions. On a contract, he is quick, quiet, and efficient. All around, he is respectful and polite, to his targets, and to the innocent. He is kind of picky on who he will kill, he only goes after 'bad guys', or people who seek others misery, in example as sleazy salesmen and corrupt political figures. If you can get to know him, he's not that bad of a guy, even though he kills people for a living. Dar' Kovu can be a bit shy at first, but once he gets used to you, he opens up more. He will kill anyone having to do anything with the Dark Brotherhood, no matter how important they are to the mission, on the spot. Dar' Kovu can hold a grudge for years if you wrong him. He worships the Khajiit thief-god of Rajhin

History : Dar' Kovu was born in the city of Orcrest in Elsweyr. His father was from Skyrim, whilst his mother from Elsweyr. His life was never easy; he didn't grow up in a rich family, or even middle class. He was one of the poor cats. He would often have to steal coin and gold to be able to eat. As he grew up, he got better at sneaking around, and developed an interest in one handed arms. When he was 10, he was put in jail for being caught stealing. (Before they just didn't care, he was a poor little kitten) It was dark, cold and damp in the cell by himself, but he got fed regularly. The next day he was let out and ran home immediately.

At 13, he found a teacher to teach him how to handle a sword. This teacher was nice enough to give him an iron sword. He went back home every day after sessions and would practice on a makeshift dummy he erected out of garbage lying around. He got better and better with his sword. Year after year he trained, day and night, to reach his dream of becoming a Guard. After 3 years, he learned all the teacher was willing to teach. Now he had to wait 2 years to join the guard, when turned 18.

Five days later, he was stopped by a shady Imperial, who asked him to enter a building. For some reason he did. The man asked him to kill a Thalmor official in the slum turned coastal resort of Senchal. Normally, he would have declined immediately and reported him to the guard, but the pay was enough to feed his family permanently, as well as get a real home for them. He accepted, and was thrust into the world of assassins. He was given a steel dagger, a horse and sent out to do the deed.

After a week of travel, he made it to Senchal. Now all he had to do was figure out how to get near the elf. He crept around the resort until he found where the Thalmor official was. He was starring off into the ocean from a balcony. He was also surrounded by guards, so it wouldn't be easy to just push him over the edge. He used all the money he had to buy a room above the high elf. He stayed in his room for 20 minutes till he figured how to kill the target. He took his dagger and broke the stain glass window then pounced down and slit the elf's throat with his claws. He took his dagger and implanted it into the first guard’s throat. Dar' Kovu then took the guard's sword and killed the last two guards, though not unscathed. The guards were native, and one used his claws to cut him across the nose. Dar' Kovu fled the scene as quickly as possible.

He couldn't sleep for weeks after. He would lay in his new bed in his family’s new home, sleepless, while he should be falling asleep in minutes. He eventually got over it.

He kept on getting contracts; with each complete he established a name for himself in Elsweyr. Each time he killed someone, it got easier. Big contracts, and small, they were all the same, someone who needed to die so he could get his pay. Eventually, he picked up on archery and started using a bow and sword to kill people.

After four years of being a professional self-employed assassin, he looked back at his life. He remembered when he had dreams of becoming a guard, or an adventurer, journeying across Tamriel. He remembered being taught what it was to being a good person. His parents had never known he stole to get the loaf of bread they would eat for the week. He decided from then, he was going to be an assassin who didn't kill for anyone. He would kill to eliminate the forces destabilizing Nirn. He gave himself a day to change by, his 21 birthday. In 3 weeks, he would be different.

1 week and four days from his birthday, he had figured out his past actions angered the wrong people, namely, the Dark Brotherhood. He was knocked out and bagged. He came to in a basement with a bag over his head. He heard someone walk over, and then the bag was ripped off. He saw an angry Nord, and next to him, 2 other Nords, all wearing plain cloths. Dar’ Kovu noticed 1 of them had left his armor and weapon on the table by the door, too easy; he would make a break for the equipment as soon as he could. The 1st Nord told him he could either join them, or die. Dar' Kovu chose die. At the same time, he started to cut at the ropes of which he was tied to a chair with his claws. The Nord pulled out his steel dagger and made his way over to the chair. He raised his blade up to Dar’ Kovu’s throat. The ropes silently fell to the floor as well. Dar’ Kovu grabbed the man’s hand and swiftly thrust the knife through his throat. With the dagger still in his hand, Dar’ Kovu pushed the dead Nord out of his way and made a sprint for the gear. The other two assassins chased after him. He scooped up all of the equipment on the table and smashed through the door. The two assassins chased after him into the street yelling “Guards! Guards!!!” Dar’ Kovu kept running. He was almost out of town when one of the town guards tackled him. The two Nords caught up to him, and they began talking. “Guard! That man is with the Dark Brotherhood, he killed our friend, and look at his armor!” Another guard walked over and helped the first pick up. “You’re going to jail for a long time, assassin!” The first guard said.
Dar’ Kovu was thrown into a cart with his hands bonded along with 5 others headed for the imperial city dungeon. Before they set off, one of the two Nords from last night came. “You know why you’re here? Because you angered the wrong people. The Aldmeri payed for you to be killed, but we also wanted you dead, you’ve been stealing OUR jobs, and now you pay for it.” With that said, the Nord walked away. The carriage started moving with a jerk, off to the Imperial city.
When he arrived at the dungeon, it was weeks later. All his stuff had been confinscated when he was caught and was now locked away somewhere, probably in the guards quarters. He was thrown into a cell and left to rot on a life sentence. It was a month later when wind of the Hourglass finally reached the prison, he began to formulate a plan. He would be able to change himself to be a better cat later, he had to use his skills for a little while longer, then he would be done. He would get the hourglass, and he would remove of the Aldmeri all together. That would free Tamriel, and more importantly to him Elsweyr. He would probably remove of the brotherhood too, but that was secondary.
Now, He just needed a chance to escape… And as fate would have it, that chance was coming up.

Weapons : (Skyrim version for all) Daedric sword (If not O.K, Ebony), Steel dagger, Crossbow

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