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    Yeh, the still NON-SHINY Genesect will only begin distribution mid-January, and the Shiny Genesect to follow as the pre-order wouldn't make sense to announce any random event now, unless it was the main-movie event.

    ...When was Celebi revealed for the Zoroark movie?
    "Scans from the May 2010 issue of CoroCoro have revealed more information on the Movie 13 Pokémon distributions. The attacks and held items of the alternate color Legendary beasts have been revealed, as well as an announcement that movie-goers will be able to obtain a Fateful Encounter Celebi at the theater."

    So seeing how the shiny Genesect is the equivalent to the shiny beasts back then, the "Celebi" should come later lol.

    From the looks of it, seems we are definitely getting either of these:
    -gen VI/game announcement
    -silhouette of the actual star in M16

    Originally Posted by PokeInfuse View Post
    First of all, i stated my opinion, and you seem to be flying off the handle just to tell me my opinion is wrong.
    Thats not what this is for.
    In my opinion, some of the Gen V pokemon DO look strange and misplaced.
    Its just when you state a particular reason that obviously applies to pokemon since the beginning that Ill start pointing it out, like just refering to Trubbish when it is clearly a fresh and creative new take on Grimer.
    If your opinion is that you chose to dislike some gen V designs for no particular reason, well so be it. But that has nothing to do about whether there is any decrease in quality or lack of ideas imminent, which is what I was addressing.