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I'm guessing you're thing is graphic design based on what's presented, and your avatar (I remember I had to do something just like that for class. I've long forgotten what that's called, though).

I'm really rusty when it comes to GD, but there's plenty of talented members here who can offer you some much more sound advice than I can. I like the general direction overall, and I think the Pidgey mail screencap is really cute.

The newsletter, though, it looks like you justified you copy as opposed to editing the spacing yourself. I could be wrong, and so could the person who taught me, but I believe that you want to avoid justifying your body copy when doing newsletters or anything with columns. It creates gaps that can largely be avoided by editing your copy yourself (usually by using the enter key to move text to new lines). It's not too bad in your newsletter, but I couldn't help but notice.

Another thing is that things start to cramp up a bit when you get to the Pikachu sighting headline and story. The header looks like it needs more room to breathe, IMO. The second column could use some space between it and the third, as well (check out the first line under the second heading in the second column, specifically about wild Rattata and Pidgey. Notice how it doesn't seem to align with the rest of the column above the second header).

Finally, there's some grammatical and spelling errors (some sentences run on), but I think those are the last things you need to worry about. The biggest problem for me, right now, is that I feel like I'm underqualified to tell you how to fix these things exactly. I've forgotten a lot of the terminology, and frankly, if I opened up a program like InDesign to try and make an overlay of changes, I'd just stare at the program like a dope and forget why I'm using it in the first place. It's been some years... ^_^; So I don't want to come off as nitpicky, because that's really not what I'm trying to be. I just want to help with what I feel are some really really low level things.

Keep working at it, though, and if you haven't already, take a moment to look around at other people's galleries for inspiration. Sometimes, having that source of inspiration will give you a push, and even an immediate goal. I've often told myself "I wanna be able to draw like that" when I was younger, and looking at artists that have really made an impression on me. I feel that today I'm capable of doing so. That being said, keep your own style, and your own signature touch, too. I can draw things of a more complex nature if I wanted to, but my own style lends to just keeping things really simple and a little silly. It's what makes it mine. :)

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