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    Ok so I'm planing on getting my (Online brother) an N64 (Nintendo 64 for those of you that may not know) and I have one myself but I need some opinions on some games to buy for him. Keep in mind he's 23 years old.

    He also likes RPG's and I understand that the N64 didn't sell well do to its lack of RPG's but I still want to get him this system because I think he'll like it.

    So I was thinking about the following games (if I can find them and no sorry I'm not allowed to order online): Megaman 64, Super Paper Mario, bomberman 64, 007, Kirby 64.ect

    I'm thinking about getting him those I'm wondering what else I should look for I have a store that I go to and I know the guy has the system I just need your folks opinion on what other games I should get him.
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